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Tue, Jun 05, 2012
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Unique styles at low prices


We have all winced at spotting someone else wearing the same outfit as us.

This week, the secret shopper went off the beaten track to hunt for shops so obscure it would lower the chances of others owning the same piece as you.


Unless you live in the Chinatown area, chances are you have never heard of this shop.

Apart from a Facebook page with a smattering of posts on it, there is no trace of this little boutique in cyberspace.

Located on the third storey of People's Park, its name - M.I.G2 - is quite a mouthful to say, not to mention difficult to remember.

But no matter, since the clothes here are unique and a little quirky without crossing over to tacky or unwearable.

Denim is staple fare in this store, which imports its wares from Hong Kong and South Korea.

I was particularly impressed that jumpsuits and denim dresses are sold here, since I find them difficult to find in stores which stock mainstream, global labels.

I also fell in love with a couple of asymmetric, baggy throwovers made of knit and a crotchet cutout throwover.

The pieces which appealed to me came in relatively muted shades such as pale green, dusty pink, and cream.

But louder colours like orange and bright blue are also available.

I reckon the ensembles here hit a sweet spot between edgy and overly cloying.

They make for great weekend ensembles, especially for lazy days when all you want to do is chill out in a cafe sipping coffee.


You really don't need a big budget to shop here.

Loose-fitting cotton blouses sell for as cheap as $19.90, while dresses go up to about $40.

Kudos for low prices, while maintaining a reasonable standard of quality.


Browsing here was quite a breezy affair.

The clothing racks in the store have slightly differing heights and they give an artistic touch to the display of the clothes.

They also score points by spacing each piece on the racks well, so that "eyeballing" the clothes is possible rather than having to yank hangers apart from one another.

Lady Gaga was playing in the background, but I could still hear myself speak to the store assistant, so no complaints about the ambience.

There must have been at least 10 mannequins decked out in different outfits, and they were a refreshing source of fashion inspiration.

The dressing rooms are small and dark. They have a grass-green rug lining the floor, which looks like it has not been washed in a long time.

Lint was clinging to it and parts of it were grey; so I was glad I kept my shoes on.

But hey, this is a budget-type shop, so maybe I could be less picky.

There are no mirrors inside the dressing rooms, so you have to draw the curtains after putting on each piece to see your own reflection in one outside the rooms.


Most of the tops (and dresses) here are free-sized, and fit the typical UK 6-8.

Sorry, bigger ladies - fitting into these petite pieces might be a struggle.


As a customer, I was well taken care of. The sales assistant hung the pieces I picked out in the dressing room for me, while I continued browsing and fussed over the collar of a vest I tried on.

She also taught me different ways to style the same garment.

When she finally realised that she wasn't going to make a sale; however, her interest in me waned.

I can't say I really blame her, but letting it show on her face and demeanour was a no-no.

After all, tip-top service is always an extra reason to return to the same store.


The area around People's Park is definitely worth a visit. Drop by for the delicious hawker fare served at the ground floor, then wander up several floors where this quaint boutique is located.

With its low prices and warm service, you might be tempted to pick up a piece or two.

But even if nothing at M.I.G2 catches your fancy, you won't waste the trip, since the other shops (think large toiletries outlets, accessories, and haberdasheries) in the area are a joy to browse.



WHERE: 32 New Market Road, People's Park, #03-1156

WHEN: 11.30am to 9.30pm every day.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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