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Mon, Jan 19, 2009
The New Paper
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Even a recession can't stop celebrities from shopping - and wishing - this Chinese New Year.
by Charlene Chua, Tan Kee Yun

IF IT'S pink, you can be pretty sure Dawn Yeoh likes it.

And the sweet-looking actress will probably be in her favourite colour this Chinese New Year.

Said Dawn, 24: 'My grandparents actually prefer me in red. But I won't be buying red clothes.

'As long as I avoid black stuff, it should be okay. Anyway, pink is rather close to red.'

Known to be quite the fashionista, Dawn, who is an only child, has an extra task this year - she will be her mother's stylist for their New Year visiting.

'I was very happy when my mother told me she wanted me to be her stylist this year. I'm going to dress her up in a bit of an 'a-go-go' style.

'I have already planned her entire outfit. It's going to be in bright colours. I have also picked out all the hair accessories to go with her outfit.'

She said that the rule in her household is that 'everything has to be new' for the New Year.

So while her mother bustles about buying 'curtains, bed sheets and pyjamas' for the entire family, Dawn is left to get her own 'new clothes, bags and shoes'.

When The New Paper followed Dawn on her pre-Chinese New Year shopping trip to Ngee Ann City, she took us to see a Louis Vuitton bag that she had been eyeing 'for some time'.

She ruefully said she was thinking twice about buying it because of its rather 'hefty' price tag.

Said Dawn: 'I love this bag as it's very unique. It's made of scuba diving material... I can put all my stuff in it. But it costs almost $4,000!'

The other item in the shop that she gushed over was a pair of hot pink shoes.

'I love this colour. Simply can't get enough of it!' she said with a giggle.

Apart from shopping, Dawn confessed that she indulges in bak kwa (roast pork slices) and yu sheng (raw fish salad).

'I get my bak kwa from a special shop in Chinatown. People only know the big brands, but I like this brand much better.

'I will also buy tapioca chips and mushroom chips as they are very different from the usual fare out there.'

The actress, who just completed the filming of her latest drama The Dream Catchers which airs on Channel 8 next month, says she has learnt to take it in her stride when her relatives comment on her single status.

'When they ask 'Why still no boyfriend?', I just tell them, I'm single and available.

'I love collecting hongbao from them,' she said, giggling.

No time for love

Dawn confessed that she's still single because she hasn't had the time to meet anyone.

She said: 'I don't even have time for my family, much less a boyfriend.'

When asked if any male artiste in the entertainment industry had caught her eye, she said: 'It actually doesn't matter if I find a certain person attractive.

'What's more important is that he's attracted to me. I'm just waiting for someone to make the move first.'

It's no wonder her wish for the festive season is to meet and fall in love with that special someone.

She added wistfully: 'I would love to have a boyfriend.'


This article was first published in The New Paper on 17 Jan 2009.

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