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Tue, Aug 07, 2012
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Lee Hyori still in love with her 'beast'
by Charlene Chua

Cynics predicted a premature break-up because physically, they are worlds apart.

Singer and TV host Lee Hyori is said to be K-pop's sexiest female star, with beautiful features and fair skin.

Her other half is a soft-spoken Korean singer-songwriter with "small eyes and a big nose" who goes by the name of Lee Sang Soon.

When news broke last year that the duo were dating, netizens blasted the relationship, making "beauty and the beast" remarks.

And inevitably, they compared him with the attractive celebs that Lee had dated earlier, such as Rain and Lee Seo Jin.

But a year on, the gorgeous singer has silenced her critics, spectacularly. She flew to the Palau Islands, in the Pacific Ocean, three weeks ago, still very much in love with her man.

Detractors will be crushed to find out that yes, Mr Lee seems to be THE ONE.

Lee, 33, told The New Paper in an e-mail interview: "We are serious about each other, this is not for fun.

"I'd rather enjoy the moment than plan so far ahead that we lose sight of the present.

"But then again… if he does propose, I don't like lavish weddings or getting a diamond ring.

"What I want is to receive a really unique proposal that only I can receive."

She is fully aware of the unkind comments that her boyfriend has received and declined to comment when we asked her about them.

She was more forthcoming about her own image.

Lee is reportedly one of the few natural beauties in Korea who has never gone under the knife.

On being labelled by fans as being one of the most beautiful women in Korea, she said: "I'm flattered and honoured but I have to say that they are right, I am beautiful.

"Would I ever consider plastic surgery? Maybe yes, maybe no.

"As for the other Korean celebrities who have gone under the knife, it's really their decision and it doesn't matter to me if they have had plastic surgery.

"I try not to judge people based on their appearance, it's just unfair. There's so much to people beneath the surface."

Lee's remark was perhaps telling of how she really feels about Mr Lee, who, according to online reports, has remained unfazed despite the jibes for dating the K-pop queen.

On the couple's romantic holiday, Lee's management told the Korean media: "The reports are all true. They left at the end of June for a vacation in Palau Islands and returned together."

At the sweet vacation spot, the pair were seen enjoying water sports and hanging out on the beach.

And when they were recognised by tourists, they obliged with autographs with minimal fuss.

According to Korean entertainment news website allkpop, Mr Lee, 38, made his debut as a member of acid jazz-rock band Roller Coaster back in 1999.

He and Lee are both animal rights activists and are part of Korea Animal Rights Advocates.

Last July, Lee's charity single, Remember, in aid of abandoned animals, was produced by Mr Lee.

While Lee has remained tight-lipped on her boyfriend all this while, she was surprisingly candid when she talked about how love blossomed.

She revealed: "We became closer when Sang Soon contacted me about helping to raise an abandoned dog.

"We also got close when he helped me with my song release...

"Because he's also raising a stray dog, us taking care of the stray dog together has became a part of my daily life."

When asked to choose between her boyfriend and her pet, she laughed and asked: "Why can't I have both?"

There might well be some truth to the online comments which paint Mr Lee as a simple man who isn't fully aware of the magnitude of his girlfriend's popularity.

At the Golden 12 charity concert, which was held in Korea last month, Mr Lee was shocked when his better half took to the stage for the first time in months and unleashed her sex appeal on the crowd.

The couple performed together onstage, but it was Lee's solo performances that sizzled.

During the finale, she rocked to her hit singles like U Go Girl and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, much to the delight of her fans.

Her sexy moves ended up flooring Mr Lee, who told the Korean media: "It's the first time I've seen her like this. It feels so weird. I shouldn't have seen it. I think I'll feel awkward around her now."

After her passionate performance, Lee said: "I feel so light-hearted now. I was so excited at the audience's reaction that I even forgot to put on my sexy face."

She told The New Paper: "At the Golden 12 concert, the title song was produced by Sang Soon and he helped out as the music director throughout the performance.

"He is like a teacher of mine who gives me lots of strength in the activities I take part in."

But it's not just singing that Lee has been busy with. She's also the host of Hyori TV, a lifestyle and fashion series which centres on wellness and charity.

The finale airs on Thursday at 10pm on tvN (StarHub Ch824).

Lee was chosen to helm the show because of her overwhelming popularity in Korea.

About the secret to her success, she claimed that there isn't any and she simply loves her job.

However, she does have a beauty secret which keeps her looking radiant.

"I work out regularly and I have also embarked on a vegetarian diet which helps me to keep in shape and be healthier."

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