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Sun, Mar 20, 2011
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Fann Wong: Zoe and I have an understanding
by Karen Lim

A remark made by Fann Wong about the state of her relationship with Zoe Tay in 1995 was followed by eager media attention. It had caused a rift between the two and the two leading ladies have not acted together since that incident.

Forward to 14 years later, and the two Caldecott Queens will now appear in a new drama series called The Ultimatum, along with other actors such as Li Nan Xing, Tay Ping Hui, Felicia Chin and Elvin Ng. And Fann has even referred to the cast of the series as "the dream team", in an interview with my paper.

In the series, Fann and Zoe are childhood friends whose identities were switched at birth.  Zoe becomes a wealthy man's daughter, and Fann must work her way up and eventually becomes a lawyer, but both fall out in the end.

When asked about her friendship with Zoe, Fann replied: "There's nothing much to say, really.

"Both of us have a mutual understanding and I'm sure that the public as well as the media have witnessed how we've matured over the years."

Her response was vastly different from the comment made 14 years ago during the production of The Golden Pillow.

She had said then that they were "only colleagues, not friends".

my paper also asked Zoe how it felt like to work with Fann again. The former said: "It feels new and it's refreshing. Of course, there are some expectations.

"I haven't really had the time to sit down with Fann to discuss some details, perhaps later."

She added: "We actually bump into each other quite often but we haven't had the time to really talk or get together," said Zoe.

But the remark that Fann made all those years ago was so unforgettable, it was used as a pun in her new movie, The Wedding Game.

In the movie, an actress with a similar-sounding Chinese name as Zoe's refuses to attend Fann's wedding, and says that "they are just colleagues and not friends".

But Zoe said: "It's ok. It's no big deal.

"They're just using this as comedy relief and a selling point for the movie since everyone remembers this remark."

She also added: "The truth is in front of your eyes and everyone can see how we've progressed."

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