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Sun, Aug 26, 2012
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Ericia Lee's found Mr Right
by Charlene Chua

Ericia Lee may have vanished from our small screen two years ago, but you can catch her in the rom-com The Wedding Diary 2, which opens in cinemas next February.

And if things go according to plan, the local actress-host will also have a wedding of her own to plan.

After the babe's much-publicised seven-year romance with local actor Ix Shen ended in 2009, she had told The New Paper in a May 2011 interview that the pair may reconcile.

Well, they did not - Shen's relocation to China for work three years ago was too big a chasm to bridge.

But she's not wallowing in self-pity.

The 35-year-old has found her "soulmate". The One is a 39-year-old, well-spoken Chinese Singaporean businessman who told her after seven months of dating : "I want to marry you."

She declined to reveal his name or the line of business he is in but told TNP that his 1.79m-tall stature complements her petite 1.61m frame.

Said Lee: "We have the best conversations, we get each other and really connect.

"I like it that he's a straightforward person like me and by making his intentions on marriage clear, I know that we're in this for the right reasons.

"Due to my age and the fact that we want children, we're considering having kids first before we get married.

"I have an open mind and have absolutely no problems with giving birth first and then having our wedding.

"We connect, emotionally, physically and spiritually (not in the religious sense as they are both free thinkers). It's like meeting the other half of yourself. He's my soulmate."

She added that she had much preferred how her beau had been upfront with his intentions regarding marriage even though it took away the surprise element of a proposal later.

Lee moved into her boyfriend's cosy Killiney Road apartment three months ago.

The icing on the cake was finding out that he shared the same sense of aesthetics as her.

Apart from doing up the apartment in her favourite hues of red, white and dark wood, he is also quite the craftsman, Lee revealed, and had designed most of the furniture in their love nest, which he owns.

The decision to move in with him was also to ascertain if they could live with each other's quirks. A self-confessed cleanliness freak, Lee was relieved to find out that her man was "clean, neat and tidy".

Said the actress, who has been in four previous relationships but declined to reveal details: "I know of many friends who got married without living with their partners first and then realised, too late, that they couldn't stay together at all.

"My boyfriend has met my parents and they like him. He's also like an older brother to my two younger sisters.

"I would love to have a simple and beautiful wedding overseas, perhaps in the Maldives, where we vacationed earlier this year."

Lee and her beau met two years ago in a rather unromantic setting - ZoukOut.

The besotted guy was on his virgin outing to the dance festival at the prompting of a visiting Greek friend when he caught sight of a flushed Lee, whose laughter and smile captivated him as she talked to her five girlfriends.

Lee laughed as she recounted how her supposedly beguiling visage was the result of being high after a few alcoholic drinks.

He plucked up the courage and walked over to ask, not for her phone number but the "less threatening" e-mail address.

Calling it smart strategy, Lee said that what surprised her was that she gave him her real e-mail address after having given a fake one in previous, similar circumstances.

"Maybe it was because he looked so clean-cut and had a decent and prim and proper feel to him that I gave him my e-mail address," she confessed.

"He didn't know it was me until I told him my name and he realised I was the host of (travel show) Extreme Japan.

"It wasn't awkward at all and we talked for half an hour about general stuff; it was good conversation.

"By then it was 5am and I had to send my drunk girlfriends home. He was good-natured about it and offered to help, which I declined.

"Three days later, he e-mailed me and we picked up from there."

Although he asked her out, Lee recalled that there was "never a good time to meet".

So a bit like the romantic comedy You've Got Mail (1998, starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan), the couple e-mailed each other for eight months before they finally met up for dinner at a Japanese restaurant.


The conversations they had over the Internet, according to Lee, were filled with their world views and talking about life in general.

But even on their first date, Lee cut it short after post-dinner drinks at a roof-top bar because she had to pick her girlfriend up from the airport.

A lesser guy may have given up, but being "The One", he perservered and finally asked her to be his girlfriend on New Year's Day this year with the fireworks over Marina Bay as backdrop.

Said Lee: "He's close to perfect and he makes me very happy.

"I was actually thinking I wanted one child so we could shower all our love and attention on him or her.

"But if that's too lonely, then we'll likely have two."

For now, Lee, for the most part, is a lady of leisure and picks only the jobs that appeal to her.

In the Singapore-Malaysia co-production The Wedding Diary 2 - the sequel to this year's The Wedding Diary, which stars Malaysian Ah Niu and Hong Kong actress Elanne Kwong - Lee plays an efficient assistant to local actor Zhu Houren's businessman character, who finds out the truth about a kidnap.

After being a full-time artiste for 14 years, Lee became a freelancer three years ago and spends her free time travelling.

An avid globe-trotter, Lee said she has enjoyed visiting Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

For her Maldives trip in January, she spent $20,000 on the holiday as the hotel cost her $1,000 a night.

She said she can bum around without financial worries because she's thrifty and will not spend much on shopping - she buys bags that cost $10 each and shoes at $15 a pair from overseas flea markets. Having entered showbiz at 18, she has also acquired substantial savings.

Said Lee: "However, I won't stinge when it comes to my wedding and I'll definitely spend on my wedding dress.

"I have no financial liabilities like kids, so for the past few years, I've led a very comfortable life.

"My 'kids' now are my dogs (maltese) Honey and (papillon) Pepper; I love them to bits.

"My boyfriend and I aren't trying for a baby yet but we may soon."

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