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Tue, Aug 28, 2012
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Four kids baby bonus not enough

She already has four kids and is not planning to have any more.

Housewife Emy Khimayati says: "Why should I have any more?

"The baby bonuses are much less after the fourth child and I already have my hands full."

The 29-year-old Indonesian has three sons and a daughter, Jasmine, born last week.

The family made the news when Madam Emy was forced to have her child on the roadside.

Of her sons, Jerald, six, is Indonesian. Jayden, four, and Justin, two, are Singaporeans, as is their sister.

They live with their father, Mr Sim Kim Bock, 42, and Madam Emy in a three-room flat in Ang Mo Kio.

Mr Sim, the family's sole breadwinner, makes about $2,000 a month as an air-con technician.

Says Madam Emy: "Money is a big issue. The cost of living in Singapore is really high."

To save money, she cooks almost all their meals. She also let her younger sons wear old clothes which her eldest son has outgrown.

Madam Emy adds: "My eldest son has to go for Chinese tuition, which already costs me $80 a month. I can't teach him myself because my Chinese is very poor .

"My second eldest son will be going to kindergarten next year and his school fees will amount to about $130 a month.

"I feel so stressed just thinking about it."

Has she thought of working part-time to help with household expenses?

"I can't," she maintains. "If I do, who will look after them and wash their clothes? It's not like we can afford to employ a maid."

So would the couple have another child if the Baby Bonus scheme is tweaked?

Mr Sim says: "It's not as if the baby bonus is given to us every month. In the end, we have to depend on ourselves to raise our children.

"In the past, we kept trying because we wanted to have a daughter. Now that we have her, the 'factory' is closed."

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