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Thu, Sep 13, 2012
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How fast should Jessica Simpson shed pregnancy weight?

In the world of tabloid gossip, nothing's meaner than the continuous scrutiny of pop stars and their struggle to shed the pounds.

It gets even worse when they get pregnant.

Pop stars like Hilary Duff, Pink and most recently Jessica Simpson, have the weight they gained during pregnancy shown off in unflattering pictures.

It doesn't stop after they pop either. The time they take to get back to their pre-pregnancy bodies seems to be calculated by the minute.

Simpson, 32, was slammed by TV talk show hosts for gaining about 20kg during her pregnancy.

Four months after giving birth to daughter Maxwell Drew, her first child with hubby Eric Johnson, she revealed her slimmer body on US talkshow host Katie Couric's show yesterday, but not before candidly admitting to USA Today: "My body is not bouncing back like a supermodel. I'm just your everyday woman who is trying to feel good and be healthy for her daughter, her fiance and herself."

LOUD gets Kiss 92FM DJ Claressa Monteiro (CM) and Hot 91.3FM DJ Jamie Aditya (JA) to talk about whether these stars should be given a break.

CM: I don't think it's fair that they have to put up with such public talk about their weight. I mean they're only human, so of course during pregnancies they'll put on a bit of weight. I mean, I gave birth to an 8-pound (3.6kg) child 15 years ago, so no, I don't think it's fair that they have to put up with it because it's not their fault at all.

JA: Life is never fair. They're in the public eye, that's just the way it is!

CM: But every lady has to go through that. The weight gain is natural and to judge it is rude. Pregnancy is a beautiful time for a woman and there shouldn't be any ugliness to mar it. That's just unfair.

JA: When they're on the red carpet, most stars dress like they're going to a club, and if you're going to dress to get attention, then you will get attention, no matter what you're doing.

CM: Yes, that is true. But when stars are having kids, it's a very natural thing to put on a bit of weight. What makes you think a curvier pregnant girl can't be hot stuff? Many are sexy with their baby bumps. Look at Beyonce during her performance (at last year's MTV Video Music Awards) where she sang Love On Top. She looked amazing.

JA: Well , if they choose to be in the spotlight (during their pregnancy), then people are going to talk. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. It's the way it is.

CM: I suppose so. Maybe to avoid the scrutiny they should lay off the scene for a while, not because of the weight gain but maybe to focus on the pregnancy and their health. Wow, I'm speaking like a true mum.

JA: But I don't think they should hide away. (They should perform because) music is very good for the baby. You know, it's been proven that it helps with brain development.

CM: Can't have it both ways, honey. Either they should be out there in their full pregnant glory and perform because music is good for the baby and not be judged for the changes to their body, or they need to hide away until they are back in full teeny, tiny glory!

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