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Tue, Oct 23, 2012
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7 signs she'll be good in bed

How to know if someone is going to be great in bed

Life is full of disappointments, but one of the biggest let downs is to find that the girl you have been chasing for weeks is a total let down in bed. You know the kind of girls that lie there as if in pain, not moving, speaking or even making eye contact with you. To make sure that you don't waste your time pursuing a woman who is terrible in bed, check out these top tips.

Skin on show

If you want to know if the girl you are dating will be good in bed, you need to check out the clothes she has picked out for your date. If she has chosen to reveal some of her body by wearing a low cut dress, a tight skirt or is showing off her bare legs, it's a sign that this girl has body confidence. If a woman is confident about her body the chances are she'll be great in bed. This is because she'll be happy to get into loads of great positions and actually let you see her naked with the lights turned on - cue the applause for body confidence.

She picks coffee ice cream

The last thing you'd ever think was a sign that a woman is any good in bed is her choice in dessert, but studies have found that a woman's choice in ice cream flavour is in fact very revealing. Neurologist and director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, Alan Hirsch, M.D., found that women who loved vanilla ice cream tended to be more open about expressing their emotions and were the kind of girls who would swoop in for a cheeky kiss in the middle of a busy restaurant. If the girl you date opts for a bowl of coffee ice cream then be prepared to enjoy an unforgettable night. The study found that women who enjoy coffee ice cream are seductive and flirty; sex should be wild and dramatic.

She's okay about dirt

Okay, so although you don't want the woman you are dating to turn up with food down her top and unclean hair, nor do you want the woman you are dating to freak out over a fleck of dirt that landed on her skirt when you crossed the road. To be great in bed your girl needs to be somewhere in the middle on the spectrum of total mess - uptight perfectionist. This is because if the girl you are dating is too obsessive she'll be unable to relax in bed. Nothing will be good enough for her and rather than whispering seductively into your ear she'll batter you with a mix of insults and instructions.

Goes Dutch

Although it may not seem like the most romantic situation in the world, going Dutch is great news for your sex life. If a woman offers to go halves on the cost of the date it shows you that she is not a pampered princess and she's willing to share. Translate these traits into her bedroom personality and it shows you that this girl won't be selfish when under the covers. She'll take what you give, but then return the favour.

Bare faced beauty

If you want to know if the she'll be good in bed, you need to look out for signs that she is confident and comfortable within herself. This does not mean that the woman you are dating has to be loud and is always the centre of attention; meek girls can turn wild in bed remember. Instead, you need to look out for signs that she is happy about her appearance and has a healthy amount of self-worth. One way you can tell your girl possesses both of these qualities is that she doesn't try too hard. If the woman you date wears a crazy amount of make-up or beats herself up about the smallest failing, it's a sign that she's insecure and sex won't be as good as it could be.

Picks the film

Sometimes the most agonising part of a date is choosing what you are going to do together. If the girl you are dating tells you where she wants to go and what she wants to do when there, it indicates she's strong, independent and firm. This means that when you two are getting it on she'll let you know what she wants and what she needs. You won't have to guess whether she's enjoying herself or not and you'll get some handy and tactful tips if your moves are doing the job.

The kiss

The way she kisses is like a preview to the way she will behave in bed; so make mental notes about the way she kisses you. Does she stand still and prod you with her puckered lips? Or does she lean in, running her hands over your body as she kisses you with passion and care? If the girl you are dating moans a little, bites your lip gently or puts rhythm into the kiss - building gradually from slow to fast - then you know that this girl is going to give you the best night of your life.

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