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Tue, Dec 11, 2012
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If you want to splurge, visit Willow & Huxley

It's December, the one time when I splurge (sans guilt) on a dress or a necklace to reward myself for getting through the year.

So I headed for multi-label designer store Willow & Huxley to see if I would be willing to part with some cash.

Signature style

Many of the boutique stores I've visited stock extremely edgy outfits, like a dress with just one strap barely holding it all together or a pair of pants with the most outlandish animal prints.

Cool, but not exactly wearable if you hold a regular day job. (If your job is being a tall, slim model who can pull off a pair of pyjama pants in a club - this doesn't apply to you, okay?) The rest of us vertically challenged and not-exactly-skinny people would probably find the offerings at Willow & Huxley accessible.

It sources its clothes from cult and emerging labels all over the world, including Australia's Finders Keepers and the Danish brand Baum und Pferdgarten.

The items are ready to wear while still having that edge which will help you stand out. For example, a simple pleated skirt was updated with a geometric colour block print that wasn't too loud.

There is a good mix of smart casual and formal wear at the store, although I favoured the latter because it was more unique.

I was eyeing a well-made suede jacket with an asymmetrical hem. I had seen such a hem only on skirts, so this was a nice twist.

The store also had simple and chic accessories that I fell in love with. Necklaces in colours like turquoise and mint green made me wish my bonus would come in sooner.

Price point

I was glad I went into the store knowing the price range. I had read about it online. This cheapskate secret shopper would have had heart palpitations otherwise.

You wouldn't be able to find anything cheaper than $90 here.

The pleated colour block skirt that I was interested in cost a whopping $470.

The bright orange and blue colours certainly made the skirt pop.

Unfortunately it didn't make me excited enough to cough out the cash.

Some items were also downright puzzling.

A pair of white chino shorts, which could easily be bought at an H&M or even Giordano store, cost $180. Am I paying for the branded tag? No, thanks.

I also found a pair of pants - that bore an uncanny resemblance to a pair of pyjamas I have.

The cost: $235.

No way am I going to spend that much for the just-got-out-of-bed look.

But don't be discouraged by the hefty price tags. Just like a treasure hunt, there are good deals to be found - you just have to look.

If you're looking for dresses for year-end parties, then you're in luck.

A beautiful pink tunic dress by Britain's independent fashion brand, Fever, was there for $180.

That's pretty reasonable, considering the intricately draped luxurious material.

And catching my attention just as I was about to leave the store was a simple long-sleeved backless dress. It was classic, and cost $170.


There was no one else at the store, so the salesgirl directed all her attention at me.

She maintained a healthy distance, yet was available when I had questions.

She was also friendly and offered me honest opinions on different dresses that I had picked out - whether the fit would be good for my body type or not.

That was certainly helpful, especially since I was shopping alone.

Store layout

The store layout was simple with racks of clothes placed around the store.

What I really liked were the spacious fitting rooms.

There were also chairs outside the fitting rooms for your shopping buddies.


You have to look hard to find something you like which is worth the hefty price tag. But it's worth it if you're willing to splurge.

And as the store brings in limited stock for each design, it is most unlikely you'll run into someone in the same dress.

That's a bonus for me.


WHAT: Willow & Huxley

WHERE: 20 Amoy Street

WHEN: Monday to Friday: 9am to 8pm, Saturday: 11am to 3pm, closed on Sundays

HISTORY: Opened by a Singaporean, Willow & Huxley started as a pop-up store in places like The White House in Tanjong Pagar before setting up its permanent shop in Amoy Street.

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