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Sat, Dec 15, 2012
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Chick flicks for kicks

It's always been a bit strange that guys like chicks, but hate chick flicks.

How could a movie filled with chicks be bad? Guys, do you secretly not like chicks?Do you find chicks scary and gross? I mean, it just doesn't make any sense.

Take a look at a film like Bachelorette, for instance - most guys will ignore it just on principle.

Opening today, it's the story of three wacky girls (Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher and Lizzy Caplan) whose best friend (Rebel Wilson) is getting married.

The three women accidentally rip the bride's dress on the night before the wedding and must run around like crazy people trying to get it mended by morning.

Now I know you fellas are probably already catatonic from boredom just listening to that brief description, but have an open mind.

Chick-flick fan JASON JOHNSON tells you that girls aren't as scary and icky as you might think.

Here are his five reasons why dudes should check out chick flicks.


The term "chick flick" is actually rather unfortunate.

It makes it seem as though women are somehow aliens who can't understand regular human movies and so they need their own thing.

It's patronising. Having a first-rate actress like Dunst in a film such as Bachelorette goes a long way in making a chick flick seem like just a regular movie.

From the Spider-Man movies to art fare such as Melancholia, Dunst has proven her sensitivity and passion as a performer.

An actress such as this is able to make her character relatable not just to "chicks", but to human beings of every description.

Bachelorette will win no Oscars - my daring prediction - but it will touch you if you let it.


Have you ever noticed how girls are kind of round and soft?

It's rather nice, in my opinion.

The thing about chick flicks like Bachelorette is they often feature a lot of these delightful pillow creatures, such as Fisher, who plays the bimbo of the group.

She's often called upon to prance around showing off her hourglass figure.

Her cleavage is pretty much how I imagine heaven.

She also has very pretty hair and a charmingly girlish voice.

While I can understand how the delicate sensibilities of certain men might get offended by such a wanton display of femininity, I personally don't have a problem with it.

I'm funny that way (meaning straight).


For those men who get freaked out by the women, rest assured that there are also men present in chick flicks.

Don't be scared.

You won't be all alone.

In addition to its stellar female cast, Bachelorette also boasts some crackerjack fellows such as Hayes MacArthur as Wilson's wonderfully gentlemanly fiance, James Marsden as MacArthur's cheeky best man, Kyle Bornheimer as a lovelorn softy and Adam Scott as a goofy ex. 

These guys might seem strange to you at first because they don't shoot, kick, stab or punch each other.

All they do is talk to women, or talk about women, but rest assured that they are actually men (I checked on the Internet.


Some guys - particularly stupid guys - think that girls aren't funny.

It's weird because actresses have been disproving this idiotic notion since the olden days right up to the present, from Mae West to Kristen Wiig.

Bachelorette has some moments of real comic brilliance.

Just check out what is supposedly Caplan's moving toast to the bride: "I have a really important announcement.

"I lost my cell phone, and the last time I saw it was back there and I just feel like somebody took it."

So touching! Caplan started off her career in Judd Apatow's hilarious TV show Freaks And Geeks, and was awesome in Mean Girls as the bitter alt chick.


Most men know very little about women, and they certainly aren't going to learn anything of value by watching The Avengers.

A movie such as Bachelorette is like a gold mine - filled with information on women. 

For example, did you know that women who don't look like Scarlett Johansson are able to find dates, and even husbands?

It's true!

Normal looking girls are permitted by law to mate.

The very plump Wilson is the one tying the knot in Bachelorette and it's doubtful she'd be playing anyone's girl in your average action flick.

Wilson is also great - and still fat - in the chick-oriented a capella flick Pitch Perfect.

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