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Mon, Jan 14, 2013
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Why no wedding bells for this belle?
by Charlene Chua

She was so famous in Japan that up to 20,000 fans turned up to see her at events.

And those were just the women.

Lingerie model Liv Lo has been raising temperatures during her five-year career in the Land of the Rising Sun.

But in August, the 27-year-old Taiwanese raised eyebrows when she gave up her glamorous lifestyle to move to Singapore.

Part of the reason: For love.

Lo has been dating Singapore-based British-Malaysian host Henry Golding for two years.

Golding moved here from London in 2008 and both artistes are signed to Fly Entertainment.

The lovebirds have met each other’s parents and said they have plans to set up roots here.

They are living together in a flat in East Coast.

When The New Paper caught up with Lo to find out more about her plans, she couldn’t stop gushing about her 25-year-old beau.

This is Lo’s second relationship and the fourth for Golding.

Lo, who has been auditioning for hosting and acting gigs, said: “A lot has happened in two years and we have managed to overcome a long-distance relationship.

“I knew he was someone special when he visited me in Japan once and left a note for me saying if I needed anything, he’d be there for me.”

Even cute little gestures get her all giggly.

Said the 1.74m Lo: “We do romantic things for each other, like when I pick him up from the airport, I always hold up a sign that says ‘Henry’.

“He’s a great cook and he cooks pasta for me. And he bought me closets for my clothes and shoes when he knew that I was moving to Singapore.”

Yet one thing Lo still didn’t know was when or even if Golding is going to pop the question – even though she feels he is marriage material.

So we took it upon ourselves to play matchmaker.

When told that we were going to ask Golding if he feels she could be a potential wife, Lo said cheekily: “Oh, do help me ask him, I do want to hear what he has to say.

“I’d rather hear about the proposal from him than read about it in the newspaper, but I want to know!”

And boyfriend says...

While the sexy model sounded ready to walk down the aisle, her boyfriend admitted that he wants to get married only at 30.

Golding told The New Paper in a separate interview: “Do I think she’s marriage material? Absolutely.

“But I’m not looking to get married for a very long time. I’m still young.

“My perspective on this is that we should take our time and not rush into things.

“I do want children, the more the merrier.”

Lo recalled how she first saw Golding on New Year’s Eve in 2010.

She was visiting friends in Singapore and ended up at a party where she spotted a “tall, cute guy (who) intrigued me”.

What baffled her more was that he was goofing around with his friends the whole night and did not come up to her to say “hi” – even though they were making eye contact.

As she was leaving the party, she knew then that she had to make the first move.

Recalled Lo with a laugh: “I went up to Henry and told him that I was leaving in a few days to go back to Japan and that we would never see each other again.

“Then I said something like ‘Why didn’t you say hi to me?’ He looked surprised and then asked me for my number.”

The couple started 2011 with a brunch the next day at Wild Honey at the Meritus Mandarin Hotel.

Golding said that he was taken by Lo’s strong personality and the fact that she was a “woman who knows what she wants in life”.

And Lo said she fell in love with Golding’s expressive exuberance when he is with her. Not that much of it was on display when they met.

Said Golding: “I’m quite shy so I didn’t expect Liv to come up to me on New Year’s Eve.

“Honestly, I didn’t say hi to her because I was super hungover from a previous party and wasn’t in the mood for meeting new people.

“When she approached me, I was gobsmacked and I mumbled quite a bit. I think it works for us because I’m quite an airy person while she is fiery and open to taking risks.

“It’s a case of opposites attract.”

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