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Thu, Mar 21, 2013
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Michelle Chen won't rule out dating a Singaporean man

Everybody loves Michelle Chen.

The 30-year-old actress, who can still pass off as a high school student - evident in her role in the 2011 Taiwanese hit movie, "You are the Apple of My Eye", oozes sweetness, both on- and off-screen.

In person, her appeal is tangible as the soft-spoken actress with a winning smile talks about her latest role in Cartier's short film, the last in a 4-part series to coincide with the launch of the Cartier Destinee engagement ring.

Speaking in a mix of Mandarin and English, the University of Southern California graduate told the media she was happy to be part of the international cast in the production, directed by Oscar-nominated director, Luca Guadagnino.

In the 7-minute love story, Chen is once again the object of affection. She is paired with French-British actor, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, who plays a man who meets his ex-girlfriend (played by Chen) at a mutual friend's wedding set against a beautiful Parisian garden. Seeing her again after 5 years, it suddenly dawns on him that she is 'The One'. He then runs off to purchase a diamond ring from Cartier and proposes to her.

At the press conference, conversation naturally drifted to her criteria for her dream guy and what she would like her ideal proposal to be like.

Foreign boyfriend? Why not?

Asked if she would consider dating a foreigner like her character in the film, or even a Singaporean, the cheerful actress said, "anything is possible, never say never".

But at the mention of Singaporean guys - whom host Danny Yeo likens to being "hot and sunny" like her favourite season - summer, Chen dramatically slips off her stool.

She doesn't get to reply due to the slight commotion, but flashing us yet another killer dimpled smile as she recovers quickly, we forget what the question was anyway.

What she lets us know though, is that while she believes in "love at first sight", she also thinks love can grow over time.

The currently single actress, who has been linked to Hong Kong actor Louis Koo, says she has not met the right one yet, but leaves it to fate when it comes to romance.

How about her idea of who 'The One' might be? Chen says her ideal man is someone who treats her and her family well, and "any kind-hearted man" can fulfil her criteria.

Would Chen also want a dramatic and swoon-worthy proposal?

"I hope one day I will get a proposal from my dream guy. But if it's the right one, the time and place does not matter, I will find it very romantic," she says.

Proving she has a healthy sense of humour behind her sweet and innocent facade, she adds: "But, he must have a ring. And it must be a Cartier, if you don't have a Cartier, don't even bother!" she joked.

But prospective suitors may have to wait. Love will take a backseat as the multihyphenate is putting her work first for now, in particular, her singing career. Chen is currently preparing to launch her first solo album due out in May. It is a labour of love she says, and one that she has been working on for 5 years.

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