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10 of the most popular baby names

There are literally hundreds of names to choose from for your child. Different cultures, countries and traditions mean that mums and dads have a whole host of options, making it tricky to choose the perfect name for their little one.  Check out these top 10 most popular baby names to start you off.


Jack has an English origin and even became the word for man or boy in the Middle Ages as it was used so commonly. It’s often used as a nickname for John and can mean God is gracious. Middle names that work well with Jack include Oliver, Thomas and Alexander.


With Latin origin, Olivia is a pretty and somewhat mythical name meaning olive tree which is a symbol of fruitfulness and beauty. Its abbreviations of Liv and Livvie are sweet and girly too. This name goes well with the middle names Grace, Rose and Lily.


Instantly images of Prince Harry and Harry Potter spring to mind, and more recently, Harry Styles. This strong boy’s name comes from Germany and means home ruler. It is often used as a nickname for Henry. Middle name options include James, Thomas and Samuel.


This sweet girl’s name means purity, innocence and beauty which isn’t surprising considering it is named after one of the most beautiful flowers. This English name works well with the middle names Grace, Sofia and Louise.


More often a boy’s name, but frequently used as an abbreviation for Charlotte, Charlie is a fun and friendly child’s name. Charlie originates in Germany and partners well with the middle names Ryan, Peter and Connor.


Who could forget the iconic actress Grace Kelly? Meaning charm, effortless beauty or indeed grace, this elegant girl’s name is also a popular middle name. Its origin is Latin and popular middle names for Grace include Eve, Imogen and Amber.


Another boy’s name deriving from Germany, this classic name may remind you of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and William Shakespeare – two of Britain’s most iconic men. Shorter middle names tend to work well with William, such as James, George and Ben.


The perfect middle names for this pretty girl’s name are Lily, May and Rose which all roll off the tongue. Famous women with the same name include Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Common nicknames of Amelia include Mia, Millie and Mila.


This name has Hebrew origins meaning supplanter or follower. James derives from the French language and has the endearing abbreviations of Jim and Jimmy. James Dean, James Bond and James Brown may all spring to mind who are all iconic figures. Middle names that work well with James include Arthur, Benjamin and Henry.


This is such a classic name for a little girl, which means it will stand the test of time as they grow up. Perhaps it will conjure images of the famous novelist Emily Brontë, the poet Emily Dickinson or actress Emily Blunt – all very talented women. Emily is one of the most popular girl’s names in the English speaking world. It works wonderfully with the equally classic middle names Jane, Kate and Elizabeth.

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