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Thu, May 16, 2013
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I’ll never forget you, Mum

Two years ago, Jean Danker found out that her mum was diagnosed with a critical illness.

The local deejay said that the doctor had given her mum only weeks to live.

Yet, Madam Judy Foo Eng Wah, fought her illness, which Danker declined to name, for as long as she could.

Madam Foo , 65, died two weeks ago.

Danker, 34, told The New Paper: "My mother was a fighter, she fought for her life like a champion, and it was a miracle that she survived and thrived for two more years.

"I was devastated when I first found out and was struggling to spend as much, if not all, my time with her.

"We had always been close, but after the diagnosis, I pulled out of hosting the National Day Parade that year to spend more time with her."

On delaying her nuptials with boyfriend, deejay Glenn Ong, she added: "My mum would definitely have loved seeing Glenn and I get married, but I know she also wants me to do it only when I'm absolutely ready."

The pair were engaged in 2011, but publicly postponed their nuptials last year to an undisclosed date, citing "too much pressure" from people around them.

Danker is proud that her mum's strength had rubbed off on her.

She said: "It was hard to plan a wedding knowing she was ill during these two years. Every extra day we had together was precious.

"She approves of and really loves Glenn."

Danker shared how her Chinese mum, married her Eurasian dad even though her family had disapproved.

Strength is not the only thing that Danker got from her mum.

She said that when her mum was young, she was gorgeous and loved to wear short skirts. "I guess I now know why I love my mini skirts too.

"My mother has also taught me to be strong, to fight the good fight and always keep the faith in all that life throws at me.

"Also, that one must always have food in the fridge and to never leave home without a great red lipstick.

"Now, I always have a red lippy in my purse, but am still working on having food in the fridge."

Her mother was also extremely self-sacrificicing and would always put her and her older sister Sharon's needs before her own.

A month before her death, when she was too weak to cook, she still got her helper to make Danker green bean soup because she was craving some.

Every Mother's Day, Danker would buy a teddy bear and flowers for her and shower her with hugs and kisses.

She said: "I have so many great memories of my mum. I have her to thank for my great grades in home economics!

"I remember we used to have to do cross stitch and embroidery and my mum would help me because I was terrible at it.

"And when my friends came over, she would make the best luncheon meat sandwiches for everyone.

"The kind of love she had for me is beyond anything I will ever experience."

- Charlene Chua

Danker wrote a tribute for her mum.

"I am so sad that you are gone. I hope I have expressed enough how much I love you, through all the times we've spent together. I am never going to forget you Mum. You have been the best Mum to me. I will keep all the pictures, videos and things of yours with me, forever and always. I promise to take care of Daddy and look out for Sharon. I promise to be the best person I can be, so that you will continue to be proud of me as you look down on me from heaven. Please be my guardian angel and protect us from above. I love you, I love you, I love you Mum. And I will miss you forever.

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