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Fri, May 17, 2013
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Michelle Chen wrote song for ex-boyfriend in prison

The Taiwanese singer-actress wrote a song in her debut album for her ex-boyfriend who is currently serving time in prison.

Following the release of her first album Me, Myself and I recently, Taiwanese singer-actress Michelle Chen's past relationship came to light as it was revealed that she penned the lyrics to the song 'Sorry' for her ex-boyfriend Aron, who is currently serving a 16-year jail sentence, reported an article in Asian Fanatics.

The track, which Michelle described as 'a song filled with guilt', was previously speculated to be written for Alan Kuo whom she secretly dated for eight months.

Michelle and Aron reportedly met when they were studying in the United States. The ex-couple returned to Taiwan in 2006 and eventually broke up as a result of the actress' decision to pursue a showbiz career.

An insider also claimed that Aron, who is said to be born in a rich family, fell under the influence of bad friends after splitting with Michelle. Unfamiliar with the Taiwanese laws, the kind-hearted lad was manipulated by his new 'friends' and was subsequently sentenced to imprisonment for marijuana possession.

According to media reports, Aron was very 'touched and thankful' when he heard that Michelle has written a song for him. In order to protect his ex-girlfriend's image, he did not mention about the relationship to anyone for the past four years in jail, declining to discuss further details with the media after it was exposed.

Michelle's manager has also declined to comment on the artiste's personal affairs.

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suddenly I feel like going dancing tonight...! :o:D
Posted by perceivedtobe on Sat, 18 May 2013 at 08:12 AM
Can just use an old song - you know I am waiting for you ma?
Posted by coolzone on Fri, 17 May 2013 at 20:39 PM
Wah, 16 years ....
Posted by mystrawberry on Fri, 17 May 2013 at 20:36 PM

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