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Fri, Jun 07, 2013
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Marry Me, Arissa
by Charlene Chua

Vanness Wu is set on marrying his Singaporean girlfriend.

In his latest album A Different Man, which was released this week, he's most proud of the track Marry Me.

We met the American-born Taiwanese singeractor and member of mega-popular Taiwanese boy band F4, who revealed that he wrote the song for the love of his life, Miss Arissa Cheo, whom he has been dating on and off for the past seven years.

Miss Cheo, 29, who studied communication (film and television) at the University of Southern California, is an entrepreneur who models her own fashion.

The co-founder and director of jewellery brand Sacred Hearts X and fashion brand Carte Blanche X is a popular icon with young women who dig her sexy style.

Wu, 34, told The New Paper: "Marry Me is talking about a wedding and I wrote it with Arissa and our big day in mind.

"I'm dedicating it to her.

"In fact, the whole album is about a love story.

It starts with songs about how you had a crush on this person and then you end up falling in love and marrying.

"Marriage to me is everything, it's a learning ground and a wonderful experience.

"I've yet to experience it and it's exciting."

He perked up when this reporter told him she knew Miss Cheo's secondary school friends and her former boyfriend.

Wu broke out in a smile and asked warmly:

"Oh, they knew her?"

When told that they thought Miss Cheo was the most beautiful girl around back then, he said:

"Wow. Thank you."

He then asked cheekily: "Who was she going out with again?"

Wu said that after meeting Miss Cheo, he is now a walking advocate for marriage.

He said that he is aware that many people are discounting getting married because they are afraid.

"Marriage should be celebrated in this day and age.

"It's not what some people have called it - just a piece of paper.

"These people are missing the point of what that day is like and are afraid that after they get married they can't leave.

"Marriage isn't the end, it's a beginning and I welcome it with all its headaches and stuff."

He explained that he is unable to reveal his wedding date as he wants it to be a private and intimate affair.

Wu said that he's also keeping mum to protect Miss Cheo's privacy.

He was, however, proudly wearing a Cartier ring.

He said: "We will get married when the time is right.

We're enjoying our time now."

According to the Hong Kong media, Wu's friend had let on that Wu and Miss Cheo got engaged last June.

Latest reports are that the couple intend to walk down the aisle on her birthday on July 30 and that Wu has been working hard to save up for the wedding.

According to the Taiwanese media, he had recently applied for permission to visit the US to renew his American passport.

But apparently, his real intention was to discuss his wedding plans there with his family.

Wu's big day is extra special to him because he had taken a vow of celibacy back in 2008, after he was introduced to Christianity by his friend.

Wu said that during his younger days, he would be partying all the time and going back home with "someone you met at a nightclub".

Abstaining from sex, he said, has taught him the value of it.

In the last five years that he has remained celibate, he said that he has not felt like he had wanted to stray from his vow. "Yes, it's going great, I'm still going on strong.

"There's always going to be temptation.

"Now (having stayed celibate), I finally know my own worth and the value of myself.

"I also know the value of my other half."

He added: "Sex is something so beautiful and wonderful.

"It should be shared in an intimate setting with one person that you're able to share that with for the rest of your life."

In the past, he said that he had always had the "work hard, play hard" mentality, but it had caused him to "love himself in the wrong ways".

Wu met Miss Cheo in 2006 when she starred in his My Kingdom music video.

But it was not always smooth-sailing for the comely couple, who got together then only to break up a year later.

The Taiwanese media reported that they reconciled in 2010, only to call it quits again after Wu was rejected by her father.

Apparently, the concerned dad did not like the idea that Wu was an entertainer.

In early 2011, speculation was rife that the couple had got back together after they were spotted about town. Later that year, in July, she was seen going into Wu's house in Taiwan.

If there was any truth to the speculation that Miss Cheo's father had disapproved of Wu, that is all in the past now.

She recently posted family holiday pictures taken in March on Instagram. They show the couple vacationing in Hangzhou with Miss Cheo's dad.

Bringing our interview back to his new release, Wu said: "The title of my album is called A Different Man because every song tells our love story.

"It's this love that has made me a different man."

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