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Mon, Jun 24, 2013
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This is how it's done
by Bhavna Jagtiani

And so Round 2 begins.

Subaru Hub at Toa Payoh Lorong 8, 25 girls will be chosen as semi-finalists of The New Paper New Face 2013.

The modelling competition is presented by Subaru MotorImage and sponsored by Levi's and New Look.

A panel of six judges - including Niki Bruce, editor of, top show producer Daniel Boey and New Face alumnus Rachel Erasmus - will pick from a pool of nearly 150 girls. The girls were selected via the walk-in auditions last week and a street hunt a fortnight ago.

The New Face 2012 alumni know this process and will be there at the closed-door audition to offer encouragement and support.

The New Paper spoke to them about their experience.

1. How was the closeddoor audition like for you?

Ho Sin, 19, student: "I felt nervous because I had never seen so many beautiful and confident- looking girls together."

Eunice Lim, 19, student: "I was really anxious and pretty stressed out the whole time.

I was asking my friends who came with me if I looked okay or if my smile was all right."

Audrey Lange, 22, student: "The elimination period, when they call out your number, was the most terrifying yet exciting experiences ever. One of the best feelings is when you hear your number being called."

2. How did you calm your nerves on the day?

New Face 2012 second runner-up Syirin Jamil, 23, auditor: "I tried not to think about what was going to happen in the judging room. I felt like if I could just shut myself off from everything, I would present myself better. Overthinking kills."

New Face 2012 first runner-up Kylie Yuen, 19, student: "I had a nice chat with friendly girls around me. We gave each other encouragement, tips on our walk and posture and even touched up each other's make-up. The friendly atmosphere definitely released a bit of tension."

3. What shouldn't you do?

New Face 2012 winner Sharin Keong, 21, childcare teacher: "Don't be someone you're not. No fake lashes, heavy make-up or over-exposure of your body. Also, winking and blowing kisses at the judges is not a good idea."

Brenda Kho, 20, student: "Don't come a chock-full of make-up and fake eyelashes that are long enough to sweep the floor."

Syirin: "Do not put on thick make-up, do not slouch when you're in front of the judges and do not strike over-the-top or crazy poses."

4. What can the girls expect if they advance to the Top 25?

Audrey: "A temporary big sigh of relief and gratefulness! But, shortly after comes a nerve-wracking photo shoot. You'll meet your real competition here. Judging also starts off-camera, so be professional and humble."

Ho Sin: "Expect to work hard because they'll need to know how to work their angles and poses in front of the camera."

Kylie: "The fun rehearsal nights for finals, photo shoots where there are professionals to doll you up... Most importantly, expect to form new friendships with your fellow girls."

5. Last words for the Top 25?

Eunice: "Learn as much as you can from the experts you'll meet and from the other girls. If you plan on becoming a professional model in the future, New Face will definitely prepare you well for it."

Sharin: "Have fun and seize the moment!

You won't know who the winner will be, but you'll definitely bring home a great experience!"

Brenda: "Always remember, you were chosen for a reason, don't let anything or anyone else say otherwise."

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