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Thu, Jun 27, 2013
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Sammi is like family, says Andy
by Joy Fang

SINGAPORE - It has been eight long years since Hong Kong superstars Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng acted together in 2004 film Yesterday Once More.

But the "golden duo", who collaborated in comedy thriller Blind Detective - their latest and seventh movie together - have not lost their camaraderie.

At a press conference for the film at Equarius Hotel yesterday, the chummy pair bantered and joked with ease. Lau, 51, said the reunion had been a long time coming.

"After our last film, we were hoping for a unique script for the two of us. Surprisingly, no one looked for the both of us to act together. So, we waited a long time," he said in Mandarin.

Cheng, 40, said: "Lau and (director) Johnnie To are the first priority on my list, so I accepted (the script) straight away... I have confidence in them."

Lau plays former detective Johnston Chong, who went blind after a job. He is forced to solve cold cases to earn reward money.

He meets police inspector Ho Ka Tung (Cheng) during an operation, and she hires him to search for a long-lost friend.

They have thrilling adventures together and sparks fly.

Asked if he sensed a difference in Cheng this time round, compared to when they last worked together, Lau said she hasn't changed much physically or personally.

He said: "Eight years ago, we were very good colleagues with great chemistry. But now, to me, she is like a close family member. So I did change in the way I feel about her."

The pair were hopeful about the film's reception, but were candid when asked of their reaction if it received only two out of five stars from critics.

Cheng said, with a laugh: "I'll just have to swallow those two stars up.

"As an actress, I've done the best I could. It's like cooking, I've put in all the ingredients. Whether they like the dish I prepared, well, everyone has different tastes. I'll be a little affected, but I'll accept it."

Lau joked: "I'm used to two-star ratings - most of my films (get) two stars.

"What I want are sincere comments. I'll remember them...and try to do better in future.

"Anyway, if you give me 5 stars, I'll be too proud, so 4 1/2 will do."

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