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Wed, Jul 17, 2013
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Moving On
by Tan Kee Yun

It has been exactly a year since her high-profile break-up with actor Bosco Wong made headlines and became juicy tabloid fodder.

And Hong Kong's TVB queen Myolie Wu wants to drive home the message that she has moved on for good.

The 33-year-old pixie-faced actress and 32-year-old Wong, once dubbed Hong Kong television's golden couple, called it quits last July after a seven-year relationship.

Wu, who was in town last Friday with costars Ron Ng and Julian Cheung to promote their new 43-episode drama Triumph In The Skies II, seemed adamant to show that she is much happier living life on her own terms.

"I'm really enjoying singlehood, I feel very relaxed and free," she told reporters at the Conrad Centennial Singapore.

"That said, while I'm not desperately in search of love, I certainly won't resist dating or plunging into a new romance.

"It's all about fate and letting nature takes its course."

This was a remarkably different person from the woman who swung into town last August - just one month after breaking up with Wong - to attend the StarHub TVB Awards 2012 ceremony.

Back then, despite putting up a brave front throughout the night, there were moments when her emotions showed.

Perhaps time does heal all wounds.

Over the past year, Wu has been busy shuttling between hometown Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland to take on roles in TVB and Chinese drama series.

Where she previously worked mainly with fellow TVB actors, her male co-stars now hail from all over East Asia.

In period thriller Hot Mum Pretty Dad, currently airing on Guangdong's Zhujiang TV, she plays one-half of a wacky couple opposite Chinese hunk Yu Bo.

In upcoming family drama A Splendid Family, she shares intimate kissing scenes with Taiwanese actor Eric Huang, while in new rom-com Wine Beauty, her leading men include Taiwanese poster boy Roy Chiu and Chinese rising star Mao Zijun.

There were previous rumours about her dating Yu and Huang, which she vehemently denied.

One thing's for sure though - her next boyfriend need not be from Hong Kong.

"Nationality is not the issue, so long as sparks fly between us," she said.

Triumph In The Skies II, the highly anticipated sequel to 2003's hit airline series Triumph In The Skies, sees Wu playing introverted aircraft maintenance technician Hsia Chen, who harbours a deep grudge against her arrogant pilot brother Hsia Yang (Cheung).

It is hyped as TVB's grand production this year with several scenes shot in Europe, Japan and Australia.

The drama premieres on StarHub TV On Demand today, concurrently with the Hong Kong telecast.

Fans of the show would notice that in Triumph In The Skies II, Wu's character sports a spunky, boyish crop.

Short hair

With a laugh, she said she initially fought hard to keep her hair long for the role.

"I usually don't rebel, so I was like, let me be rebellious for once," she said.

"My reasoning was, I've cut my hair short for so many other dramas, plus I find it rather (cliched) that female aircraft technicians must have short hair. I don't think that's necessarily the case."

Unfortunately, her arguments failed to win over the producers.

"In the end, I failed," deadpanned Wu. "But in retrospect, sporting short hair did give my character more depth, she does look a lot cooler."

Since 2011's hard-hitting political drama The Racecourse, Wu and ex-beau Wong have not starred on-screen together.

Will audiences get the chance to see them appearing in the same show again?

"I'm not sure if people are dying to see us act opposite each other, as we've collaborated on a number of dramas in the past, it's nothing new," she said.

After a slight pause, she sighed.

"Without fail, his name will be brought up in the interviews I do," she said.

"Why is that the case? Let's not talk about him, he's not even part of (Triumph In the Skies II)."

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