updated 26 Jul 2013, 13:52
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Tue, Jul 23, 2013
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Britain's new prince is little nipper

LONDON, United Kingdom - Britain's new baby prince follows his father and late grandmother by being born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, suggesting he will be a strong leader, according to astrologists.

But the crab was almost a lion, having been born just 30 minutes before the sun entered the Leo constellation.

The baby's father, Prince William, was born on June 21 and is also a Cancerian, as was William's mother Princess Diana, whose birthday was July 1.

Cancerians are renowned by astrologists to be protective and emotional, given that they are supposedly ruled by the moon, but are quick to retreat back within their shell.

However, astrologer Patrick Arundell also explained that the baby's birth sign would give him "regal power" and a "very special aura".

"The immediate stand-out feature which highlights regal power is that the Sun is located in Cancer, one of the cardinal, or leader signs of the zodiac," he said.

His "aura" would come from the magnetic connection between Venus and the Sun, he added.

It was initially thought the baby was a Leo, with the announcement of his arrival being made by Kensington Palace at 8.31 pm (1931GMT), over three hours after the 4.54 pm crossover time.

But the statement revealed that Britain's new future king was actually born four hours earlier, at 4.24 pm.

"Leo has the star quality but cancer is very powerful," he added. "These people don't have to shout about their power. A cardinal sign like cancer might not shout but people know they're there.

"This will be a person who will understand very clearly the importance of family, of duty and of state.

"Whilst Cancer people are often far more tenacious than given credit for, this is the sign of feeling, of emotion and of caring," he added.

Had the baby been a Leo, he would have shared a star sign with the queen's late sister Princess Margaret and Princess Anne, the queen's only daughter, as-well as US President Barack Obama.


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