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Wed, Jul 31, 2013
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The answer to your bag cravings
by The Secret Shopper

I used to liken my bag to Doraemon's magical pocket.

Outwardly small and compact, yet able to fit many things - including my laptop. But lately, it has turned into a black hole.

I've been struggling to fish out my wallet when the bus arrives.

I could make an effort to be tidier, but then I saw the display of bags at Ans in CityLink Mall, and it convinced me to buy something new instead.

Signature style

Answer is primarily about bags and clutches - all of which have a very classy, sophisticated look.

Despite the sleek, no frills-style of the bags, I loved how they used colours and textures.

One that immediately caught my fancy was an oversized tweed clutch in green and blue checks.

This would add some flair to an otherwise plain outfit, and made me think of pulling out the little black dress.

But sadly, I was not there for the clutches.

I had to focus on looking for a bag for work.

Thankfully, there were many options and some were roomy enough to fit my laptop. They also looked great.

A sizeable handmade structured crochet bag made me wish it was pay day.

Yes, say crochet and the words frumpy and dated aren't far behind.

But this was chic and unique.

I was distracted from my task again by the collection of accessories. I was delighted with thin necklaces with lovely trinkets - birdcages, feathers, flowers - as pendants.

All wonderfully understated.

The wallets - in hues of mint green or nude and adorned with a cute little bow - almost had me whipping out my well-worn money holder.

Price point

I didn't expect things to be cheap, and I was right. This skinflint wasn't thrilled with the prices initially.

Most bags and clutches cost upwards of $60. But after taking some time to compose myself, I'd say they are definitely worth it, given the material quality and chic designs.

I found myself almost drooling at a small, structured handbag that cost $68.90.

A long faux patent leather wallet cost $58.90. Not cheap, but it has lots of room, multiple compartments for cards and even space for an iPhone if you don't want the "hassle" of carrying both separately.

The accessories were slightly more expensive than many other stores. Those thin necklaces with trinkets cost between $32.90 and $38.90.

There were also cute umbrellas - pricey at $30.90 - but they came with a fun, polkadotted waterproof cover that could be unfolded into a (slightly) bigger bag. I'd say it's a good investment to be armed with a cheery umbrella to battle dreary weather.

Store layout

In a word - immaculate. The bags were arranged in a manner where each could be clearly displayed.

I also loved the way the accessories were placed over quaint photo frames and make up boxes.


The lone staff member was extremely warm, deftly looking after my needs and that of other customers.

Best of all: No hovering. My pet peeve is sales staff pressuring you to make a decision.

At Ans, I felt no rush whatsoever.


It's a little pricey. But if you are looking for a worthy investment that will withstand all trends and fads, Ans could be the answer.

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