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Fri, Sep 06, 2013
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Mum's the word
by Jocelyn Lee

Singapore - Even till today, she remains adamant about not revealing any information about her 10-month-old son, not even his name.

Local singer Stefanie Sun has been so protective of her baby that a recent incident was a reality check.

The 35-year-old star told a Thai tourist who was seated nearby on the plane to stop snapping photos of her and her son - only to realise that the tourist was merely holding her mobile phone up.

She said with a laugh: "The tourist may not even know who I am at all. I felt slightly embarrassed for being paranoid."

Sun shared this story with local reporters during a group interview after a press conference at Capella Singapore Hotel on Tuesday.

Over 80 regional and local media outlets attended the event, during which Sun announced her return to the music industry by signing with record label Universal Music Group after a two-year hiatus.

Sun, who will have to travel for work, does not want to take her son overseas with her, if possible.

She was recently invited to sing at a beauty pageant in China - her first public overseas performance since her hiatus.

"I am worried about overseas paparazzi taking photos of him and I don't want his photos to be published. I definitely miss him when I am abroad, but I won't bring him along if I am not away from him for more than three days."

She added: "I don't go out of the way to hide him from the public, but if someone comes up to me and wants to take photos of my kid, I will decline."

The Mandopop singer married 35-year-old Dutch-Indonesian entrepreneur Nadim van der Ros in May 2011 and gave birth to a son on Oct 30 last year.

Said Sun: "In the past, I could do whatever I wanted. I could watch TV or go shopping if I felt like it, but I can't do that now. My life has become very busy, yet eventful."

Even as she is planning for a concert tour next year, Sun is determined to have a less-packed schedule so she can spend time with her family.

She added that this will also allow her to get a proper rest so that she will have the stamina to perform well in gigs.

Sun is currently working on a new album, which she hopes to release by the end of this year. Her last album It's Time, which was released in 2011, was the second best-selling album in Taiwan that year, selling over 75,000 copies there. But she has no plans to pen a song for her son or to involve him in any of her upcoming tracks.

She said: "I have never thought of deliberately including my son in my work. I want to separate my work from my family life if possible."

For now, singing him lullabies such as Twinkle Twinkle Little Star every night is good enough.

"He is very sensitive to music and will move along to the songs whenever I sing for him."

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