updated 10 Sep 2013, 02:00
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Fri, Sep 06, 2013
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Review: Ettusais 5-in-1 foamy rich mousse
by Alisa Chopard

What: What does the Ettusais 5-in-1 foamy rich mousse do? Why, everything! This light and foamy mousse promises to clean, remove makeup, act as a facial mask, clear dullness and moisturise in just one application.

The micro foam contains amino acid that is said to clean out oily dirt that clogs pores, while removing makeup. It also has additions such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and collagen for supple and moisturised skin.

Ettusais 5-in-1 foamy rich mousse, $35, is available from Ettusais stores and counters at Isetan Orchard, Metro Paragon and Isetan Scotts; for a complete list of outlets, go to For more information about Ettusais, go to You can follow the brand on Facebook at and on Instagram at @ettusais_sg.

Review: I loved the light, foamy texture of the Ettusais 5-in-1 foamy rich mousse! Skin felt cleaner after the wash, but did not feel dry or stripped of moisture, which I appreciated. I did not really feel that skin was less dull after use, but my face did feel more moisturised.

I would recommend this for those who want a simple one-product cleansing routine; it would be great for travelling too.

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