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Tue, Sep 10, 2013
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Love the service - but not everything else
by Secret Shopper

There's nothing quite like finding that do-it-all location.

The area you can chill, graze and shop all day. I thought I had found such a place on Keong Saik Road.

With great restaurants, bars and cafes, it is ideal for idling your time away.

But after all that eating, you may need some exercise. I headed for the boutique, Love Mi, to complete my day.

Signature style

Unlike the surrounding businesses, Love Mi does not have the same eclectic, quaint charm, which is a pity.

The clothes hung limply on the racks and remind me of blogshop-like togs from at least two years ago.

Far too many of the dresses looked cheap or suffered from cheap adornments.

Long, black dresses displayed near the entrance were done no favours by some tacky, shiny plastic "jewels".

That said, if you look hard enough, there are rewards. After some searching, I discovered a pink pleated dress that would be perfect for the office.

A lace peplum top and skirt pairing - good for both work and play - caught my eye as did an orange shift dress with gold piping on its uber-cute hip pockets.

The styles weren't ground-breaking, but for simple work dresses, they work.

The jewellery, although limited, stood out more. Think long, simple knotted necklaces and vintage earrings.

Price point

I felt the clothes were more expensive than they should be - most were north of $30.

I think they would cost less on blogshops.

For example, a dress with a peculiar take on the peplum style cost $45. It had two flaps of cloth at the hips.

I tried it on, thinking it might look better when worn. Sadly, it was utterly unflattering.

A rather snooze-inducing and somewhat dated green dress with some neckline "bling" cost about $33.

It didn't help that the thin material of many of the dresses seemed to highlight every little flaw on my body.

Even the blouses with cute prints of horses turned dowdy when worn.

A simple black long-sleeved top cost $29 - disappointing when I know I can get cheaper and better-quality versions elsewhere.

But some pieces were okay. A printed cinched waist top with a very sexy keyhole at the back cost $28, a sexier price for sexier clothing.


I may moan about the prices, but I still ended up buying a dress and a pair of earrings. I blame the service. It was that good.

Not only was the saleswoman knowledgeable about all the prices, but based on one of my choices, she picked out other dresses that I might like.

I left the shop with the pink, pleated dress that cost $38.

I guess great service can sometimes cloud one's better judgment.

I went last week but it was closed in the afternoon. There were no messages on its Facebook page either.

Store layout

In a word: terrible.

The way the shop is arranged feels more like a storage unit for dresses.

If only more thought had been given to display the nicer pieces instead of tightly squeezing clothes onto one rack.

They were so tightly packed that every time I took one dress off the rail, another would fall off.


Not a place to go out of your way for, especially as the opening hours are more erratic than advertised. A few afternoon visits were greeted with closed doors.

But if you happen to be in the area, you might find something that you like - if you're lucky.

Check it out

What: Love Mi
When: Monday to Saturday 11.30am to 9pm, Sunday 2.30pm to 7.30pm
Where: 14, Keong Saik Road
Former flight stewardess Berlinda Ong started Love Mi as an online shop. After 11 months, she opened a physical store.

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