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Thu, Sep 12, 2013
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Foreign men weigh in on Singaporean girls
by Olivia Chang

SINGAPORE - A local girl has slammed fellow Singaporean women for being "materialistic, judgemental, slutty and childish", citing them as reasons why local men are flocking to foreign girls.

Although most netizens have defended the fairer sex, some local men actually agree with her comments.

But what do foreign men think of our women?

Said one whom RazorTV interviewed: "Actually I have a few Singaporean girlfriends, and all of them are classy and nice girls. And some of them are my very good friends."

Another said that Singaporean girls "have very strong character. Very strong, very fierce, very independent. It is good, I like."

Yet another expatriate who gave his opinion of local women said they are "quite friendly, yet a little conservative". He noted that those he has encountered are willing to engage in sporty activities like diving and rock climbing and tend to keep quite active. "But there are those who love shopping as well."

However, these men agree that Singaporean ladies tend to be a wee bit too focused on wealth and material possessions. 

In what ways do Singaporean women show it?

"Demands for the latest Gucci handbag, or if they want something they see they'll want it almost immediately and it will be an expectation that they will receive it, rather than as a gift," said one.

But more than one foreign man interviewed said this impression could be due to the culture and not the fact that Singaporean women are materialistic.

Said one interviewee: "Singapore is a rich country so I assume a lot of people are looking into money as well."

Another noted that "in this part of the world, people judge other people by their wealth, not by the virtues of their character, but i think it's more because Asia is becoming wealthier. It's more the problem of the region than just Singapore."

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