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Wed, Sep 18, 2013
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Do you provide sleeping services

Malaysia - Handsome payments for "special services" is not new in Malaysia's beauty industry, it seems.

"It started when I was still in the pageant," claimed beauty queen-turned-pop star Soo Wincci, 28, who was crowned Miss World Malaysia in 2008.

"There would be different rich people approaching me and other girls, using really nice words and very smart ways to sugarcoat their requests," she claimed in a phone interview with Malaysian news portal The Daily Chilli.

Recounting her multiple encounters with wealthy men who were looking for beautiful, young playthings and willing to pay up to RM1 million (S$385,500), she claimed: "There are different scenarios. There was once I performed in Genting. My manager and I were already packing up our stuff and on our way out. Some helper came backstage and asked me, 'How much do you want for a meal (together)? I can offer you RM30,000'. I straightaway told the person, 'I don't do that kind of thing'.

"Another one came in the form of a so-called endorsement. There were four datuks and they said they wanted to employ me as the 'Junior CEO' of their company and I didn't have to do anything other than fly around and do 'PR work'. They were offering me RM1 million for a year.

"There was also a time when someone invited me to a dinner event, where 'there would only be a few datuks'. Doesn't that sound fishy?"

Speaking of the more upfront offers, she told The Daily Chilli some men asked her: "Do you provide sleeping services?"

These men look down on women, especially the entertainers or beauty queens, thinking that they can be bought with money, said the former beauty queen. "Some would say things like 'Aiyah, no need to sing lah. Just become my girlfriend'. As a girl, I'm offended. I just can't do it. It's not about the money. My conscience does not allow me to do it. If I accept these offers, all my hard work would be wasted," she claimed.

Despite the indecent proposals, she said a woman had to be tactful in turning down these offers.

"You don't want to offend them because these are men with status. And it's pointless to argue because they've always been like that. "Most importantly, you have to prove to them that you are not that kind of person, by constantly working hard and making achievements in your career," she said.

"When you keep a firm stance and keep rejecting, they would eventually see your personality and leave you alone," she said.

"I kept rejecting and these offers finally stopped coming in last year," she said.

But it was the same old story when she spread her wings to Taiwan.

New album

The former beauty queen last year launched her first album titled Happiness in Taiwan.

"There are a lot of rich guys and high-end people who make all sorts of requests. It's not a one-off thing. It can happen anytime again.

It's a constant challenge," she said. "That's why I chose to fund my (singing) career in Taiwan with my own money. I borrowed RM1 million from the bank because I didn't want to owe anyone anything."

Despite her distaste for these offers, she told The Daily Chilli that under certain circumstances, such offers can be tempting for some girls.

"More so, when you have many problems in your life and you have no one to give you guidance. It's like you are on a diet and someone is dangling a piece of delicious cake in front of you," she said.

The singer-actress claims she has a way to counter these offers. "I always have my manager with me. And I don't go out alone with these people. If they want to have a meal, I will bring everyone in my company over and the money will go to charity.

"These are highly educated people. After a few rejections, they would get it," she said.

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