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Fri, Oct 11, 2013
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Chinese stars with secret spouses

Nothing can prepare you for the truth. So when Brunei-born, Taiwanese-based heartthrob Wu Chun finally decided to come clean about his marital status, everyone's jaws dropped.

Wu Chun's mega revelation is that he not only has a daughter (born two years ago), but also a son who is still on the way for him and his wife. What? Wife? Daughter? Son? Family?

In the past, the 33-year-old has lied-at the request of his wife, he insists. but all was forgiven as his won us over with his moving declaration-and those puppy eyes.

"This is something that money can't buy: I'm now a super-happy dad!" he gushed online, posting an adorable photo of his daughter's fingers around his.

On his wife, who is also his high school sweetheart, Wu Chun said: "She's been by my side since I was 16. It has been over 18 years. She's my first love and has been by my side, supporting and encouraging me throughout the ups and downs of my life.

"When I first entered the showbiz, I had introduced her to a few friends. But as more people know me, she told me she didn't want the public to know about our relationship, because she didn't want the attention. I understood and respected her decision," he says.

"Because of her 100 per cent support, I have the courage to face the various challenges in my career and life." All together now, aww……

Yet Wu Chun is far from being the first Chinese celebrity that had pretended to be single in the past. Let's take a look at some of the biggest Asian celebrities who have kept their fans in the dark about their weddings (and kids, for some).

Andy Lau

If there's anything that could've marred the Hong Kong megastar's otherwise stellar showbiz career, it would be the fact that he hid his relationship-and later, marriage-with Carol Chu, from the public for years.

Carol, who hails from a wealthy family in Malaysia, has long been linked to Andy, who had always maintained that he was single. When Carol's father passed away in 2009, Andy flew to Malaysia to pay his last respect and went to great lengths to avoid being photographed, using a sea of umbrellas to shield himself from the media's lens.

It was not until 2010 when Hong Kong journalists dug up marriage records of the two in the US that he finally confirmed that he married Carol two years earlier in Las Vegas.

After their marriage was exposed, the Cantopop Heavenly King remains as guarded as ever about his private life and never answers any question related to his other-half. The more secretive he is, the more curious the paparazzi are about his family, judging by the media frenzy surrounding the birth of their daughter, Hanna, last year.

Leon Lai and Gaile Lok; Miriam Yeung and Real Ding

A dig through the marriage records in Las Vegas by the Hong Kong paparazzi in 2010 had not only brought Andy Lau's secret marriage to light. Fellow Cantopop star Leon Lai was discovered to have wedded model Gaile Lok in the same city a few months earlier than Andy, while popular singer-actress Miriam had said 'I do' to PR executive Real Ding in 2009.

However, it's not a happy ending for everyone. While Miriam and Real welcomed their son Torres last year, Leon and Gaile ended their four-year marriage last year amidst rumours of an affair, miscarriage and a costly divorce settlement.

Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng

Hong Kong paparazzi are noted for their ability to sniff out the most secret affairs and dalliances, but Charlene Choi, one-half of Cantopop group Twins, and singer-actor Ronald Cheng managed to elude detection when they secretly wed in Los Angeles in 2006.

When the paparazzi finally found out in 2010, the couple held a press conference, announcing that they were not only married, but were already heading toward splitsville.

After their divorce was finalised, both found happiness elsewhere. Charlene, 30, found love in her labelmate, William Chan, who is three years her junior, while Ronald, 41, is happily married to Hong Kong broadcaster Sammie Yu and is blessed with a daughter, Emma.

Jackie Chan and Joan Lin

The dai gor of Hong Kong showbiz has been romantically linked to a string of gorgeous women in the past, but it was Taiwanese actress Joan Lin who won his heart and became his wife in 1982.

Joan quit showbiz soon after and was content being Jackie's secret spouse, until the shocking 1999 revelation that Jackie had fathered the child of actress Elaine Ng.

Joan, then aged 46, stood by her man. Their marriage survived and a deeply moved Jackie had since promised to give his all-including all his wealth-to Joan and their only child Jaycee.

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