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Fri, Oct 25, 2013
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Buy designer clothes by weight
by Gwendolyn Ng

Singapore - Pick an item off the rack, weigh it on the scale and check it out at the cashier.

No, this isn't grocery shopping. It's shopping for designer goods at a new pop-up boutique in town.

At the 110 sq m Kilo Fascion Asia store at Suntec City Mall, the prices of off-season branded apparel, shoes and accessories are determined by weight, with prices ranging from four cents to $6 per gram.

The store stocks a selection of over 30 designer labels, such as Balenciaga, Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino and Alexander Wang.

Bringing in the unique shopping concept from the fashion capital of Milan is Ms Alexa Goh. The 38-year-old said that it all started when she chanced upon the Kilo Fascion pop-up store in Milan last year when she was on an 18-month break around the world.

"The clothes sold at the store were a steal," said Ms Goh, who then sought out the Italian fashion company behind the store, Lilla S.p.A. International Group which deals directly with fashion houses.

She went on to set up a joint venture with the Italian firm to form the Singapore company, 96 Lilla.

Recalling how her mother used to sell their old clothing to the rag-and-bone man by weight, Ms Goh said: "It's giving people a chance to buy designer labels the karung guni (way) and at karung guni prices."

The off-season items - as current as the Spring/Summer 2013 collection - are offered at discounts of over 50 per cent off their original retail price, said Ms Goh.

While the multi-label pop-up shop will be around only till January, there's good news for bargain hunters.

Revealing that there are plans to open a permanent flagship store in Singapore next year, Ms Goh said: "I'm greedy. I hope to have stores all over Asia, in Indonesia, Hong Kong and more."

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The Kilo Fascion Asia pop-up store is located at Suntec City Mall, #01-62/64/66.

Opening hours are from 10am to 10pm daily.

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