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Fri, Jan 10, 2014
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Hawick Lau and Yang Mi hold million-dollar wedding in Bali

Hawick Lau and Yang Mi held their dream wedding in Bali on Jan 8.

Despite being a simple and intimate event, the ceremony created many sweet memories and was very touching.

Family and friends shed happy tears along with the newlyweds, and everyone walked away with smiles and a feeling of bliss.

Although Yang Mi was busy working even the day before, the wedding went off without a hitch under Hawick's guidance.

Ming Paop and Oriental Daily reported that the loving groom reportedly dropped over $1 million HKD on his big day, and personally planned every detail.

Wearing a modest yet elegant wedding gown, Yang Mi walked down the aisle amidst applause and cheers.

Hawick's father Lau Dan presided over the ceremony and guided the couple through their vows, reports Jaynestars.

Worried about making a mistake, Lau Dan wrote down his speech in advance, joking, "I have filmed for so many years but have never once been so nervous that I had to rely on a cheat sheet!"

Hawick appeared nervous as well but quickly relaxed after saying "I do". Clearly emotional, Yang Mi teared up repeatedly throughout the ceremony and vowed to love Hawick with all of her heart.

The couple exchanged wedding rings and sealed their love with a heartfelt kiss. Later, Yang Mi gifted her flower bouquet to close friend and Maid of Honor Tiffany Tang, with the sincere intent " to give all the bliss and luck to my good sister".

Wiping a tear after witnessing his son's big moment, Lau Dan ended the ceremony on a happy note by passing out red envelopes containing hundred-dollar bills.

Hawick and Yang Mi greeted reporters, sharing their joy and excitement. The bashful bride teared up once again when Hawick described her as the most beautiful in the world.

While some of the focus was on Yang Mi's alleged baby bump, the couple only commented that children are in their plans, though they will focus on their careers for now and will allow nature to take its course.

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