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Wed, Jan 15, 2014
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Speedy Makeup Know-How Before & After Work
by Park Yoon Jin

Most office women probably agree that they lack time when putting makeup on.

Women, who prefer to put full makeup rather than eating breakfast, always feel that even just one second is too precious to lose because they have to fix makeup in right time.

Among all appointment times, time before going to work and the time before leaving work require simplest and shortest makeup. Since saving time is crucial, one must use products that can express the right colour at once.

In busy morning, what concerns the most in makeup is 'covering.' If you succeeded in covering skin troubles, dark circles and different skin tone, then you are already half way done to perfect makeup.

If you are fixing makeup at lunch time or before leaving work, avoid applying thick foundation. Instead, use a liquid type to express natural makeup.

In addition, use highlighter rather than blusher to brighten up the skin tone. On T zone, cheekbones and chin areas, spread highlighter and makeup glossy skin tone. Applying it under eyes can also make a point in entire makeup.

When choosing eye shadows, try to choose light colors rather than burgundy or black to look classic and create natural shading.

Recommended items

1 Liquid Foundation_STYLENANDA 3 CONCEPT EYES' air-light foundation. This liquid type sticks to skin very lightly and creates natural glow.

2 Marble Highlighter_This baked type highlighter settles on skin without being too powdery. The colour came out in beige peach and it suits any skin tone.

3 Triple Shadow_3 CONCEPT EYES' Triple Eye Shadow is a combination of three different colors so it can reduce makeup hours.

'Fix Makeup' After Work

Moisturized skin can get dried and rough as time goes by at work. Those with oily skin also need a mist at work to balance moisture and oil on skin.

When one uses mist, it provides moisture to skin instantly so makeup is done much better. Foundation can be absorbed much better when one waits 20~30 seconds after spraying mist.

If you became a panda due to smudged eyeliner, put some makeup remover or lotion on cotton swab and softly wipe the area. Then, apply black or colorful eyeliner again and make soft gradation to look more glamorous after work.

Recommended items

1 Flash Aqua Mist_This mist provides moisture to dry skin immediately with abundant mineral and six types of marine plants' extracts. It can be used every time skin feels dried.

2 Shimmer Stick_This stick type highlighter can be applied on T zone and C zone on face. Peach and gold pearls will brighten up the skin tone.

3 Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner_Long-This product is made by 3 CONCEPT EYES and it comes out in lasting waterproof eyeliner and vivid type. It creates bright colour on eyes at once.

4 Lip Color #605-#601_3 CONCEPT EYES' #605 Orchid Burgundy creates modern look with blackberry colour and #601 brings flowery mood with bright pink tone. 

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