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Sat, Mar 21, 2009
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There are so many bra styles. Which one suits me best?

There are so many bra styles. Which suits me best?

T-Shirt Bra – for a subtle silhouette
The T-shirt bra is very smooth with no obvious seams so that when you wear a tight t-shirt, or close-fitting clothes when you need the perfect silhouette.

Balcony T-shirt Bra – subtle silhouette with a show of cleavage
The Balcony bra is very similar to the half cup but has just over half the coverage of the breasts. It provides slightly perkier lift than the T-shirt bra. Excellent to wear with square cut tops and all lower cut necklines.

Underwired bras – for better support
These are designed for older teenagers and women as these are the people who need the support, to reduce sagging.

Balcony or Half-cup Bra – to pair with low cuts
The half cup gives great support while being very fashionable and youthful. These bras are ideal for younger wearers or those that still have firm breasts and they can help to give the look of more cleavage.

Push-up Bra - for that “uplifting” effect
The push up gives more lift and cleavage to the bust. They can help to improve the look of cleavage or to help enhance the look of whatever outfit you are wearing.

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