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Fri, Feb 14, 2014
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'Sorry, you can't get married'
by Hedy Khoo

It showed Mr Norizuan's name and identity card number had been registered in a civil marriage.

"I was confused and thought it was an error in the system at first.

"But when the counter staff told me I could be charged with a false statutory declaration to get married, I was upset. How do I clarify that I am not the person who registered the civil marriage?"

Mr Norizuan approached the Registry of Marriages to obtain a true copy of the civil marriage, for which he paid $50.

It showed that he was married to an Indian national in 2012.

Wedding off

Around 10am, one of the staff members at the ROMM told him to sign a form to cancel the marriage solemnisation.

The couple made the painful decision to cancel their wedding, which included a bridal photography session and dinner for 500 guests at the void deck of the bride's mother's block in Tampines.

Mr Norizuan suspected that someone could have misused his identity to register the civil marriage.

He said: "I lost my identity card in June 2012, and the civil marriage was registered on Aug 7, 2012. Why would I put in the time and effort to prepare and pay for a wedding to my fiancee if I was knowingly married to someone else?"

Ms Sharafana, who is not working as she is looking after their baby, believes her fiance is telling the truth.

She said: "We are very close and we are together most of the time. He is a responsible person, and devoted to me and our daughter. He works hard and takes care of our family."

Breaking down in tears as she recalled their morning at the ROMM, she said: "I was very shocked, disappointed and embarrassed. We had to ask our relatives to leave because the solemnisation could not take place.

"They kept asking me what happened, but I was speechless. I did not know how to explain the situation to them."

Her father, Mr Mohamad Shariff Mohd Halik, 43, a driver, who was supposed to witness the marriage, said he also did not believe Mr Norizuan was married to someone else.

"I trust him. He has been with my daughter and stayed with her through thick and thin," he said.


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