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Mon, Mar 17, 2014
The New Paper
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I grew up with Barbie, but...
by Charlene Chua

By the time Jamie Yeo was 12, she already had 15 Barbies.

The 36-year-old DJ and former actress, who is married to Briton Thorsten Nolte, told The New Paper: "I'm not the stereotypical type of woman, I'm strong and have my own opinions.

"I grew up with Barbie, but I didn't take my toys seriously.

"My Barbies didn't make me want to go out and get a bigger chest or longer legs.

"They are just for little girls to play with and if they make my daughter happy, I'm happy."

Citing the example of computer games, she said that kids who play them won't necessarily grow up to steal cars or shoot people.

Yeo added that if anything, it is fashion magazines filled with glossy pictures of sexy models that are likely to make young girls feel insecure about their bodies.

Little Alysia, whom Yeo calls Aly, loves anything princessy or pink. But instea of wanting to be like Barbie, Aly has taken to playing mummy with the doll.

Yeo gets tickled when she watches her daughter play, especially when she mimics Yeo.

Said Yeo: "Sometimes she would tell the doll, 'I'm going to feed you some milk. Lie down and drink it. Don't puke okay!'

"That's really cute because that's exactly what I tell her."

When Aly is older, she will be receiving a special present from her mum.

Said Yeo: "I remember I used boxes and paint and put together a scrappy dollhouse when I was young.

"I told myself that if I ever had a daughter, I would buy her a nice, big dollhouse."


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