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Thu, Mar 27, 2014
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A tale of two hearts
by Felicia Tan

Malaysian-born, Norwegian-Chinese twins Teh May Wan and Teh Choy Wan, now 32, have come a long way from the time they fi rst hit the fashion radar - May in 2002 and Choy in 2004 - as models in shoots for designer labels such as Marc Jacobs, Furla, Chopard and Bvlgari.

Later, they were MTV Asia VJs and hosted a show called Double Trouble where they interviewed celebs such as Michael Buble, Craig David, Jamie Cullum, as well as Taiwanese hip hop group Machi.

This was followed by other hosting gigs, including reality TV shows in Malaysia - Star Celeb for May and Cornetto Love? Perhaps 2 for Choy.

Needless to say, it was only a matter of time before they starred in their first movie, 881, playing the singing and dancing Durian Sisters.

Then May married Indonesian businessman Audric Haryadi in 2009 and became a stay-at-home mum with two gorgeous daughters, Leala and Siena. Now she also bakes and ices cakes for Seraphina Cakes, her own online store, and freelances as an entertainer and host.

Choy, who still acts and hosts, was sad when May tied the knot because, according to May, who's older by a minute: "The transition was huge for us both. The most painful part was when I moved to Jakarta, but it's all good now as I am back in Singapore and we live five minutes away from each other."

Choy herself will soon be marrying Indonesian Michael Tanujaya, head of Investment and Development for Landlease in Japan. He proposed in September while they were on holiday in New York City last year.

May wasn't surprised: "She follows me [in whatever I do]. If you look at our dating history, she always ends up with someone similar to my guy.

"At first, she told me she'd never go for an Indonesian man, but look where we are now! She even had the full works for her wedding engagement ceremony - she tailored a qipao, hired a professional photographer and caterers, and more.

She's enjoying it and that's great."

And it looks like the sisters will still get to spend lots of time together as Choy has no plans to move after her wedding. As for the bride-to-be's wedding plans, here's what the girls revealed exclusively to Her World Brides:

Her World Brides: Congratulations, Choy! So what are your plans?

Choy: We're getting married in November next year. We're throwing a big part for family and friends. It'll have a rustic vintage feel; nothing too formal.

There will be lots of little details, such as old family photographs, antique decor, flowers tied loosely with twine and simple homestyle food, plus lots of great music. There will also be unique touches that are signifi cant to us as a couple.

How did you know Michael was The One?

Choy: It wasn't something I felt instantly, but after dating for over a month, we pretty much got serious. It was a gut feeling. I just knew he was going to be my life partner.

Your wedding has a modern rustic theme, yet you went with a traditional engagement?

Choy: Indonesian Chinese families are big on customs. It's the engagement ceremony that seals the deal for us, so we kept that formal out of respect for his family and their traditions.

May: Yes, tradition is everything. When my husband proposed (May 2008), his parents were ecstatic.

As for his relatives, no one congratulated us when I went to Jakarta to visit them and show off my ring. I was so confused!

Clearly, Indonesians recognise the engagement ceremony instead of the ring because afterwards, they were so effusive with their wishes.

Are you following other customs?

Choy: We went to a feng shui master to choose an auspicious date and time for my wedding and engagement ceremony.

I will also be doing the hair combing ceremony the night before the big day to symbolise my official entry into womanhood.

All the above are usually done to ensure a smoothsailing relationship and future for the couple.

But, of course, it takes more than auspicious numbers to have a marriage succeed.

You wore your grandmother's jewellery for the engagement ceremony. What did that mean to you?

Choy: I was very close to her as she helped raise us as youngsters.

When she was alive, she was big on traditions, so wearing her jewellery made me feel like a part of her was there with me.

I'm also a fan of vintage stuff, so I wanted to epitomise how my grandmother would have looked back in the 1950s.

May, any marriage advice for Choy?

May: Yes. She must remember this: She's not only marrying her husband, but gaining another family as well.

Also, her in-laws will be her new priority; she must accept the good and the not-so-good stuff that may come her way.

And when she has kids, she is going to have to share them with both sets of grandparents.

What about wedding advice?

May: It's not about the party, it's about getting married because you love your husband and want to be with him.

I told her to take it easy, pace herself and to not have any expectations as some things will almost always go wrong.

What's most important is to simply let go and enjoy her wedding day.

Any advice from your mum?

Choy: She gave me the same advice she had for May: To appreciate my husband and to treasure him because I'm lucky to find a good man.

She also said to love and respect Michael's parents as I do my own.

Lastly, Choy, what are your own thoughts on the wedding and marriage?

Choy: I'm enjoying the planning process.

I want it to be a celebration for the people I love.

At the same time, I don't want to let the wedding get the better of me. After all, it's the marriage that's most important at the end of the day.

Of course, I do worry about the long road ahead as marriage isn't easy, but it's about overcoming obstacles together.

I also look forward to a life with Michael, celebrating good times with family and growing old together - in love and happiness.

Wedding worthy details

Michael and Choy chose the ring together before walking to Central Park in New York City, where he formally proposed in September last year.

While trying tried to get down on his knee, he ended up squatting - now a standing joke between the couple and their friends.

They even had a witness in the background, who later gave a funny commentary about the episode.

There will be the gatecrashing and the traditional tea ceremony in the morning followed by a church wedding in the afternoon and an evening reception.

Approximately 150.

Choy says, "I can only say that it's classic, but not too conservative. I totally feel like a Vogue bride when I have it on!"

There will be four to five in different sizes. From a little twotiered confection to a huge doublebarrel cake, May has got it covered.

For a preview, check out the naked cake she baked for this shoot!

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