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Sat, Apr 05, 2014
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Did she fly with Korean hunk?
by Charlene Chua

Malaysian-born actress Jesseca Liu was the envy of many women on Tuesday after she posted a picture on Instagram of famous Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun, the star of the hit Korean drama series My Love From The Star.

The picture was taken in an aeroplane and showed the 26-year-old heart-throb's side profile as he sat alone in his seat, staring ahead of him.

Liu, 35, wrote in Mandarin in the post: "Today, I'm flying with this male superstar. Should I invite him to star in my movie?"

The picture has since received more than 7,000 likes and over 200 comments from her followers.

Some were even green-eyed and cooed about her brilliant stroke of luck. Others urged Liu to take a selfie and strike up a conversation with Kim.

Wrote 'awkbeans': "OMG I want to faint, so lucky!"

Added 'poyosann': "I wish it was me!"

It was only later that an eagle-eyed follower realised that she had seen the picture before.

The picture was posted online recently in an article which detailed Kim's trip from Taipei to Shanghai for a fan meeting.

Wrote 'vkisee': "April Fool's, I've seen this picture before."

Added 'blitzyglamour': "Heart-stopping moment until I realised it's April Fool's. No wonder this picture looked so familiar."

Other followers were put off because they felt "cheated".

Wrote 'baohui18': "Don't bluff us anymore!"

Wrote 'mavyw': "Pirated use of pictures."

But others still believed the picture was the real deal.


Yesterday, Liu finally put an end to the speculation. Was she actually on the same flight as Kim?

The cheeky babe wrote: "Dear everybody, yesterday was April Fool's Day. Cannot be angry okay."

Liu did not respond to our queries by press time.

Local Kim fan Beryl Soh, an 18-year-old student, thought Liu's prank was a hoot.

She told The New Paper: "I wish I had thought of it first.

"It's definitely more believable because Jesseca's a celebrity herself.

"Best April Fool's Day joke ever, it's so funny how Jesseca 'lived her dream' this way."

This article was published on April 3 in The New Paper.

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