updated 2 May 2014, 16:50
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Fri, Apr 25, 2014
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Find out why this Taiwanese couple got married in the most unlikely place - a hospital

This young Taiwanese couple touched the hearts of many when they tied the knot at a hospital instead of a romantic venue.

Their reason for doing so? Well, the bride reportedly is a cancer patient with less than two months to live, reports ETtoday.

The couple, 22-year-old Xiaoyan and 24-year-old Dayan, are high school sweethearts.

About a month ago, Xiaoyan was diagnosed with stomach cancer and detailed examination revealed she was in the fourth stage of cancer, a hereditary illness that runs in her family.

The cancer had spread to her intestines and pelvic bone as well. She was told that she probably have less than two months to live.

Dayan stayed by her side as she suffered severe abdominal pains and often had episodes where she would throw up.

One day, when Xiaoyan was hunched over beside the toilet, Dayan huddled up next to her and proposed, saying, "I'll take responsibility for your future."

Knowing that she only had little time left, Xiaoyan was reluctant to get married, but Dayan's unwavering love and unconditional care eventually won her over.

The loving couple got married on 15 April, 2014 and decided to say their vows while wearing their old high school uniforms to commemorate their fateful meeting in high school.

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