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Tue, Jul 08, 2014
Urban, The Straits Times
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Lab series mobile skin analyzer
by Justyn Toh

HOW IT WORKS: This handheld device, which resembles a telephone with a 9cm-wide screen, is used to take blown-up pictures of the skin.

The images are then scanned for five aspects - texture, sebum level, flakiness, hydration and firmness.

The complimentary service by the men's skincare brand is available at all its counters.

The scores were tabulated on a scale of A (best) to C (worst).

REVIEW: Before this test, I always thought that I had oily skin. Apart from the occasional breakout, I also thought the texture of my skin was relatively good. I have few scars and my skin does not look like it is sagging.

However, after the five-minute skin analysis, I was told a slightly different story.

I scored an "A" for both flakiness and hydration, which meant that my skin was not dry and was well-exfoliated.

I was given a "B" for firmness, and "C"s for sebum and texture (my skin was indeed oily).

To test for flakiness and oil-production levels, I pressed tiny squares of skin-indicators that resemble blotters on my face and they were then scanned by the machine.

Along with some samples, I was given a consultation card with my results, as well as a list of the recommended products.

After the test, I had a better understanding of my skin type, and the products I should be using.

This article was first published on July 4, 2014.
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