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Mon, Jul 21, 2014
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Hunks with an attitude
by Lieu Wei Ning

From left to right: Dr Zhang Yijun, Mr Rick Yang, Mr Timen Ngooi & Mr Hansel Ho.

Hansel Ho, 29, Key Account Manager at L'oreal Singapore

With his boyish charm and megawatt smile, this good-looking chap, who works closely with buyers at retail chains that stock L'Oreal products, is a real burst of sunshine. We love how this friendly, chatty charmer is approachable and makes any woman feel at ease. But sorry, girls, he's happily attached.

What's the most suggestive thing a client has said to you?

It's not really suggestive - because my name is Hansel, some clients call me "Handsome".

Do you think good looks are an advantage?

In my line of work, it might work against you - some might think I got to my position because I look good, not because of my work skills.

What are your pet beauty peeves when it comes to women?

Choosing the wrong colour and type of foundation. It doesn't look good when the colour doesn't match the skin tone or when the foundation starts to flake.

Have you ever used your looks to your advantage?

I don't do that but, in general, aunties are nice to me.

I think it might be due more to my personality, though - I'm very chatty and I make them feel comfortable.

Rick Yang, 33, Make-up Artist 

He is known for statement-making make-up looks that have graced the pages of many fashion magazines in Singapore. The humorous, well-groomed singleton is also a good singer and pampers his regular clients by buying souvenirs for them whenever he travels.

What's the most suggestive thing a client has said to you?

"So, leng zai (Cantonese for good-looking boy), want to be my boyfriend or not?"

Do clients ask you out?

Once, after I did a client's make-up, she asked if I wanted to attend an event with her. I declined, saying I was underdressed. I usually don't go out with my clients because I don't feel comfortable.

What are your pet beauty peeves when it comes to women?

Wet hair - when they don't dry it before going out. For make-up, it has got to be the "floating" eyeliner look, where there's a gap between the lash lines and the eyeliner applied.

Do you think good looks are an advantage?

I think being presentable and groomed in my line of work are advantages. Plus, there's this breakfast place I always go to and the auntie who works there always gives me an extra-large cup of iced kopi.

Timen Ngooi, 36, Salon Director of Chop Shoppe by Next

His regular clients sayang (spoil in Malay) him by bringing him food whenever they go for their haircuts. He's also had clients hit on him - some call him sexy while stroking his arm.

But when it comes to rejecting their advances, the clean-cut bachelor is mindful of their feelings. "I'll always turn them down, but I'll do so indirectly and will never say 'no' straight up."

Do clients ask you out?

They usually ask me out for dinner or drinks. If I have the time, I'll go, but never alone - I'll always bring along friends.

What's the most suggestive thing a client has said to you?

"Do you want to go on a holiday together?"

What's the nicest thing you've done for a client?

During Chinese New Year last year, one of my regular clients finished her treatment at the salon really late, so I drove her to pick up some takeaway supper, then dropped her home.

What are your pet beauty peeves when it comes to women?

A smelly scalp - personal hygiene is important.

Dr Zhang Yijun, 32, Medical Director of The Face Aesthetic Clinic

This attractive doctor has good skin and was a former water polo player in secondary school.

When asked if he has any deal-breakers in a relationship, he says: "If you really love someone, you should be open to doing anything that will make her happy."

Aww, nothing looks better than a man in love. But hands off, ladies, he's married.

Do patients ask you out?

No. But if someone ever does, I'll just show them my wedding ring.

Do patients ask for you specifically because you're hot?

I'm not sure, but I've heard from my nurses that patients have said that I look younger than my age. Some of them have also mentioned that I look like a certain Korean actor.

What are your pet beauty peeves when it comes to women?

Make-up that's too thick. This leads to clogged pores, which leads to more skin problems - it's a vicious circle.

Do you think good looks are an advantage?

You'll definitely stand a better chance over the competition, be it with regard to career progression or getting hitched, if you possess good skin and features.

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