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Fri, Aug 28, 2009
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Skincare tips from FANCL
by Geraldine Haruka Ling

When skin is dehydrated, its barrier function starts to deteriorate. Irritants and UV rays penetrate more easily, causing increased pigmentation, says Elaine Low, senior trainer at Japanese beauty brand FANCL.

Highlights of Fancl skincare and make-up:

- All products are preservative-free, as chemical preservatives can stress skin and cause your skin's natural barrier function to weaken.

- Fancl's make-up come in small packages to help you use up the product within the recommended period before they expire. This helps to ensure freshness and prevents unnecessary breakouts and skin problems that come from using expired products.

- Fancl also has a range of inner care for skin, to help you care for skin inside and out.

- Its make-up brushes are made of uncut squirrel hair, but is carefully tapered to ensure smooth application.

- You can make use of free skin counselling and make-up sessions to help you discover your own skin type and colours that suit you.

-The skin analysis sessions check for texture, clarity, elasticity and sebum level of your skin.

-Extra tip: Don't rub your skin too hard when applying moisture or cleansing face, as this can cause pigmentation to form!

- Cynthia Loh, Diva

 Dehydrated skin can also produce excess sebum to make up for the lack of moisture, causing skin to look oily on the outside, even though it is parched internally.

>When excess sebum is mixed with dead skin, it will create keratin plugs that clog pores, which may in turn lead to acne if your face is not properly cleansed.

To clean your face, imagine that it is a fragile block of tofu and use light and gentle strokes while massaging your cleanser in, says Ms Low. Such a technique can also prevent fine lines from forming.

In fighting dehydrated skin, Ms Low says it is important to replenish it with plenty of moisture deep into the epidermal layer, and follow with a moisturiser.

One supplement that she recommends is FANCL's Hyaluronic Premium ($120 for a 30-day supply), a premium anti-ageing beauty supplement which boosts the skin's hyaluronic acid levels. Hyaluronic acid is known to help skin retain moisture, but our body produces less of it as we age.

The product is exclusively available at FANCL's new Takashimaya premium boutique, which the Diva team visited during its opening.>

Other exclusive products found in the new store include the new FANCL doctor care range (from $19), which is specially formulated for dry and sensitive skin. As with all FANCL products, this new range - which includes moisturisers and cleaners - is preservative-free.

Exclusive services

The Takashimaya boutique also offers new skin counselling services that use the latest technology.

We liked the comprehensive skin counselling (20 minutes), which promises to reveal your true 'skin age'. A picture is first taken of your face with the skin analyser before it proceeds to rate your skin's clarity, pore condition, wrinkles and pigmentation. Your skin is then rated on a scale of seven stars - the more stars you get, the better the quality of your skin.

 Product recommendations will be made based on your skin needs, followed by a soothing cup of tea.

The comprehensive skin counselling is free, but an appointment would have to be made first by calling 6737 1665.

The new FANCL store is located at #B2-03/03A, Takashimaya Shopping Centre.


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