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Fri, Sep 11, 2009
Young Parents
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Five fabulous nursing rooms in Singapore
by Elisa Chia

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His curious little head bobs out from under your T-shirt to check out the commotion around him. Then he dives back in for a few more sips before coming out. And in. And out…

What’s usually a blissful breastfeeding session at home becomes stressful for most first-time mothers when they’re out and about.

“In the early days when I had not mastered the art of discreet breastfeeding, I was constantly worried if I was exposing myself,” recalls merchandiser Sim Bee Yen, 36, who has a two-year-old.

“Then when my daughter was older, she was easily distracted and would let go suddenly.”
While trendy nursing tops and shawls have made it easier to breastfeed on the go, most mothers YP polled preferred to have an enclosed, private space for feeding time.

But not all malls and places of interest understand what a mum wants. Some of their rooms are set up with a seat or a bench that is next to the diaper changing station. This makes it uncomfortable for some women when dads step in to use the facility.

“The main reason a mum chooses to use the nursing room is privacy,” reasons a spokesperson from the Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group (Singapore). “So a separate area is a better option.”

Armed with a wish list compiled by the non-profit organisation here are five of favourite nursing room finds.


Great World City (Basement 1, next to the ladies’ restrooms)

Not just one, but two chandeliers!

Who would have expected them in a baby’s room?

Bathed in warm, soft light, it feels like a luxurious nursery.

Its two private rooms with slatted doors make a peaceful place for babies to fill up.

Mums with an electronic pump will appreciate the side table and power socket. There are even hooks on the wall to hang your diaper bag.













Tangs Orchard - (Level 4, children’s department)

There’s enough space for an older child, Dad and even Grandma to stay with you while Baby nurses.

The warm lighting and music lend a relaxed atmosphere to the two big rooms, which include changing stations.

The department store should consider having the latter in a separate area, so parents who only need to use the diaper table won’t have to queue for the room.












Vivocity (Level 2, near the open-air playground)

Tucked away at the end of this spacious changing room are six curtained cubicles.

Fold up your stroller if you want it within sight – the area is
slightly small.

Still, it comes with a power socket, side table and a plastic armchair.

More comfy are the two sofas that can be found just outside the nursing area, presumably for Dads to rest their feet while waiting.













United Square (Level 1, next to the ladies’ restrooms)

Deep armchairs with tall backrests provide just the spot to plop down and feed your little one comfortably.

The three rooms also come with wall
shelves, power sockets and lockable doors. Meanwhile, Dads can take a break at the upholstered bench next to the nursing area.









Millenia Walk (Basement 1,before doorway to the car park)

Located away from the shopping levels, its baby room is secluded and great for mums who prefer a quiet spot.

You’ll love the homely ambience –  cartoon animal paintings on the walls suggest fun, while wooden flooring adds warmth. A very spacious corner in the room is curtained off for breastfeeding and has an armchair, side table and power socket.











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