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Fri, Sep 11, 2009
Young Parents
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Tips to make nursing easier

Got a nursing problem? These tips from real mums tell you what the books don’t.

Itchy hands
"Let your toddler hold a small toy while she nurses, so she won’t pull up your shirt with her free hand"
– Grace Lee, 29, stay-at-home mum to a 16-month-old

Tried and tested
“The office at Breastfeeding Mothers’ Support Group (Singapore) has over 10 models of demo breast pumps.
Make an appointment (e-mail offi [email protected]) to test out which works best for you before buying one. The service is free.”
– Chia Yin Leng, 35, and mum of two children aged two and six

Easy does it
“A loose button-front top makes a great nursing outfi t. Just unfasten the bottom few but leave the top ones closed. This will help keep you covered.”
– Low Tuan Hong, 42, manager and mum of three kids aged eight, 10 and 12

Go ahead
“If there are no nursing rooms nearby, ask a department store staffer if you can use a fi tting room instead.”
– Sarah Wong, 37, financial planner and mum of two kids aged three and seven

Now please
“Nurse your child immediately once she fusses or is rooting around. A screaming baby attracts lots of attention.”
– Audrey Lim, 28, teacher and mum of a two-year-old

You’re not alone. Contact these experts for support.
Voluntary organisations
tel: 6339-3558

tel: 6488-0286

Private lactation consultants
- BETTY LEE HP: 9833-0170
- CHRISTINA KWEK HP: 9367-9293

  Practice makes perfect
  “To master discreet breastfeeding, I used to  practise in front of a mirror at home until I was convinced that nothing showed.”
– Patricia Ong, 38, stay-at-home mum to two kids aged 15 months and four

  Be with me
  “I always carry my baby’s photo when I’m     expressing milk outside the home. It helps give me a faster let-down.”
  – Sheena Singh, 37, assistant manager and  mum of two kids aged three and five

  Clever shield
  “Use your stroller to block out distractions and  help Baby concentrate on breastfeeding. It doubles as a foot rest too.”
– Kelly Lee, 32, executive and mum of a nine-month-old

Cool idea
“Need an ice pack to ease nipple soreness? A small packet of frozen peas wrapped in a soft cloth will do the trick.”
– Junita Rahman, 30, accountant and mum of a two-year-old

Smooth option
“To heal or help prevent cracked nipples, squeeze out a few drops of milk and spread it over the painful area. Then let it air-dry. This works just as
well as any expensive ointment.”
– Chris Lim, 35, nurse and mum of two kids aged four and a two-year-old

Hold up
“Avoid wearing underwired nursing bras, unless you have large breasts and need extra support. Some experts believe they can interfere with milk
fl ow and cause blocked ducts and mastitis. I’d rather play safe than be sorry.”
– Sim Bee Chin, 35, publicist and mum of two children aged eight months and three

Prepare well
“The best advice I got was to attend breastfeeding workshops and read all I could while I was pregnant. When the baby came along, I felt like I knew what to expect and wasn’t stressed out.”
– Koh Yen Sin, 34, event manager and mum of a 20-month-old

Back me up
“You’ll spend lots of time nursing your newborn, so make sure your couch offers good back support.”
– Angelene Sim, 32, clinic assistant and mum of a seven-month-old



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Does anyone know if your breasts and nipples will change shape after breastfeeding? I'm worried that they won't look the same again...
Posted by lightasacloud on Sat, 12 Sep 2009 at 00:50 AM
Have other tips to make breastfeeding easier? Or have a question about breastfeeding? Post them here!
Posted by A1Team on Fri, 11 Sep 2009 at 18:10 PM

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