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Wed, Oct 14, 2009
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Women just don't love their peepers
by Cynthia Loh

Let's face it - we women don't like the eyes we're born with.

Why else will we resort to plastic surgery to enlarge our peepers, or subject our eyes to all sorts of 'remedies' such as eyelid tape for that double

eyelid effect? Or even if there are those among us who do not go to such extremems, we'll still crimp our eyelashes to 'open' our eyes, and even take

the trouble to learn the latest trends on smoky eye make-up to achieve more deep-set looking eyes, and in the process, buy up anything that claims to

give us longer lashes and bigger, sexier eyes.

And I admit - I'm one of those. No, not the plastic surgery part, but I'm enough of a woman to say that I love my mascaras and eyeshadows (especially

those dark-coloured ones that help me achieve a smouldering look, even in the day).

So anyway, having tried out some of these new-to-market mascaras, here's my two-cents worth on them:

L'Oreal Paris Ultra Volume Collagene

Big is the operative word here. This mascara is enriched with collagen to give your lashes volume both inside and out. The mascara's formula contains something called Hydra-Collagen, made from collagen that can hold water up to ten times its weight and hyaluronic acid to retain water.

Besides the mascara's formula, the brush that comes with it is also big - twice as big as a normal brush. The purpose is for the long, thick bristles to help you coat your lashes generously with the mascara, and make sure no lash is left out.

The mascara did all it said it would, and I liked the big brush which cut down on application time for me. Results were also instant and my lashes did not stick together or clump during wear.

That said, there were still some downsides to this mascara. It is not waterproof, although it claims to be smudge-proof. So if you tear easily or if your skin is slightly oilier, you will find shadows on your lower lids at the end of a particularly long day. This happened to me on my last three tries.

Also, since the brush is quite large, girls with sparse lashes, whether it is on the upper or lower lids, may find it more challenging to apply. The good thing is that you can always prep your lashes with a primer first, so that makes the mascara easier to apply.

Retails for S$24.90 and available in black.

Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara
This mascara will lengthen, volumise and even curl your lashes - all in one.

When I tested it, I did see an increase in length and volume. I also liked that the mascara delivered a lined look to my eyes, after applying close to the base of my lashes.

Volume is achieved with a cocktail of Carnauba and Rice waxes. The brush, while not as big as the previous one, was a good-enough size to deliver just the right amount of mascara during each application. The longer bristles helped to keep my lashes separate.

As for its curling effect, I didn't get the luscious curls that I thought would happen. Maybe it's my stubborn, stick-straight lashes, which usually requires a few good crimps from an eye-lash curler, so I'm holding my verdict on this one, since I did half-heartedly do the crimping process, but only just to try out the curling effect of this mascara.

All in, it's a nifty mascara to use. It's not messy, did not threaten to smudge and delivered good results.

Retails at S$39, and is available in 3 shades, Wonder Black, Wonder Brown and Wonder Blue.


Lancome Oscillation Powerbooster
Did you know that eyelashes can get damaged from too much mascara? And let's not mention the fact that some of us treat our lashes to perming jobs too.

Like the hairs on our head, our lashes can suffer from split ends, broken fibres and loss of hair scales which keep our lashes from being smooth and in a healthy condition.

Lancome has come up with a lash care base that claims to help to repair and regrow damaged eyelashes. The Oscillation Powerbooster builds on its Oscillation Mascara, the mascara that comes with a vibrating brush to allow mascara to coat each eyelash completely.

With the Powerbooster, the primer's formula, with Madecassoside, a plant extract to strengthen and thicken hair, Arginine, an amino acid to stimulate hair growth, ceramide for smoothening and sealing up hair cuticles and Vitamin B5 and Jojoba Oil to nourish dry lashes, works together with this vibrating action to prep lashes and improve lashes' surface.

Also, its 7,000 oscillations per minute makes sure that each eyelash is coated all around with the formula and makes sure that lashes are separated and prepped with a smoother surface to allow for mascara to glide on properly.

I liked that it was a no-brainer to use. Simply press and hold the button on the brush wand to begin the oscillation effect and apply the primer straight onto eyelashes. There is no need to apply in a zig-zag fashion. Start applying at the base of eyelashes and comb slowly through from root to tip.

The effects could be seen almost immediately. My mascara went on easily with the primer as the base, and my lashes looked and felt fuller after the first application of mascara. I am quite prone to rubbing my eyes when they get tired, and I have lost a couple of eyelashes this way. But two days after trying out the Primerbooster, I'm glad to say I had not lost a lash to those itchy fingers of mine.

I also did not have to wait for the primer to dry before applying my mascara, which helped to save time on a hectic workday morning.

Retails at S$68 for 8ml.


readers' comments
I like my eyes.
Posted by Jezebella on Fri, 16 Oct 2009 at 15:54 PM
I am using Lancome Oscillation and love it!
Posted by jjtomi on Thu, 15 Oct 2009 at 09:06 AM

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