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Sat, Jan 09, 2010
The New Paper
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She's a keeper
by Joanne Soh

Superficial, cruel, fickle... these are just some words that describe the dog-eat-dog world of showbiz.

What else would you call it when at 35years old, you are said to have passed your expiration date?

While the men can enjoy growing careers as they mature, the women’s diminishing returns increase with each new wrinkle.

Are movie-goers turned off by ageing women because there are simply too many sexier and younger eye-candy options out there?

Or perhaps, it is because of poor choice of movies by actresses. Whatever the reasons, these older actresses, especially the one-time romantic comedy queens, are losing their power to draw in the crowds.


Ever since she burst on the scene in 1994 as Jim Carrey’s object of affection in The Mask, Diaz has wowed everyone with her effervescent energy and kookiness. Plus she has a great body to boot.

But lately, it looks like the former Charlie’s Angel is losing her Midas touch.

Her last rom-com, What Happens In Vegas, was torn apart by critics, who called it a cliched and annoying film. Adding salt to injury, Diaz was criticised as looking too much the worse for wear.

Not that Diaz hasn’t realised that looks can only get you that far. Early on, she had already displayed her serious side in movies such as Gangs Of New York, In Her Shoes and The Holiday.

She’s currently in My Sister’s Keeper, a tearjerker based on Jodi Picoult’s novel. In it, she plays a mother who goes to great lengths to keep her leukaemia-striken daughter alive.

She even undergoes in-vitro fertilisation to conceive another child so there can be a genetic donor. She will also star in The Box, a sci-fi thriller where she plays a frumpy-looking housewife.

Then it’s on to two action pieces – The Green Hornet opposite Seth Rogen and Knight & Day, with fellow “fading” star, Tom Cruise.

She has made some in-roads into the drama genre, but let’s face it – she’s no Julia Roberts. Give us the bubbly and goofy Diaz any time.


The charming lass still has bite.


Seriously, what happened to Uma Thurman?

She was one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and was on many “sexiest women” lists. While the former model has starred in movies of various genres, she is best known for being a femme fatale, having played parts in action movies such as Batman & Robin, The Avengers, and most famously as the avenging bride in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill movies.

Her last big outing was My Super Ex-Girlfriend in 2006.

That awful rom-com can be credited to killing her career.

OVER THE HILL? Sadly yes. But there is still hope.

Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill relaunched her career years back, and history may repeat itself now that Tarantino has announced plans for a third Kill Bill film.


Is there more to SJP than Sex And The City?

She tried to channel her popularity on to the big screen after the TV series ended its run but her efforts sunk right from the start.

Her performances in The Family Stone and Failure To Launch were evidently forgettable.

And what does it say about your appeal if your direct-to-DVD movie, Spinning Into Butter, failed to make any noise? It only made US$8,000 ($11,000) when it opened in the US for a limited run.

Forgive us for being brutal, but for one who’s only attractive neck down, it’s smart of SJP to keep the Sex And The City franchise going on the big screen.

OVER THE HILL? Give her a couple more years before going out of fashion. Even Carrie Bradshaw and her trendy clothes can get boring.


Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Once an awards darling, Zellweger has literally fallen off the radar.

In the early 2000, she was hot property, starring in numerous films of different genres, and receiving critical acclaim for most of them. She earned seven consecutive Golden Globe nominations, winning three trophies. She even has an Oscar sitting at home.

After voicing animated film Bee Movie in 2007, Zellweger has fallen from grace.

Among her movies, My One And Only didn’t even get a wide release in the US. The former rom-com darling (thanks to Bridget Jones’ Diary) got another blow when last year’s New In Town only took in US$27 million worldwide.

OVER THE HILL? Pretty much.

Only consolation? Rising star Bradley Cooper picked her over Jennifer Aniston.


Friends may have been off-air for five years now but Aniston still can’t fully shed her Rachel Green persona.

It is not that Aniston can’t act. She delivered fine performances in The Office Space (1999) and The Good Girl (2002).

It’s just that her professional life is overshadowed by her more colourful social life.

Selling magazines sadly doesn’t equate to selling movie tickets. Her latest rom-coms, Management and Love Happens, crashed and burned at the box office.

Aniston should consider a major makeover if she doesn’t want to be the next Meg Ryan. Girl, if Charlize Theron can discard her looks for Monster and become a bona fide actress, so can you.

Do something drastic with your locks – think Natalie Portman in V For Vendetta – and you’re on your way to a whole new career.

OVER THE HILL? Past her expiration date unless Rachel Green can be fully put to pasture.

This article was first published in The New Paper

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