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Thu, Nov 04, 2010
The New Paper
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Sculpting his dream wife

PLASTIC surgeon Reza Vossough said he has created the wife of his dreams after operating on his partner eight times.

Before Dr Vossough, 48, began tinkering with his partner’s body, she was a fairly average, flat-chested woman with saddlebag thighs, a tummy and puffy, hooded eyelids.

Ms Cany, 33, his wife and patient, said: “When we met, I was working in gastronomy.”

But her husband quickly noted that she came with a few “bodily drawbacks”, reported. The Berlin-based Dr Vossough hated her body, but married her anyway because he spotted her “potential”, The Sun reported.

He then went on perform eight surgeries, targeting her chest, thighs, eyes and face.

He spent five years pumping 1,600g of silicone into her body, boosting her A-cup-size breasts to giant F-cup ones.

Besides the eight surgeries, he also enhanced her lips, lifted her eyelids and de-creased her forehead.

The former waitress also had nip-and-tuck ops to her bum,tummy and thighs and countless Botox injections.

Finally, after £18,000 ($41,500) of cosmetic surgery, he fell in love.

That is not the only cost he has incurred in his bid to create the perfect woman.

Where the money really goes He said the real costs came from buying clothes for his wife after every breast enlargement she had.

But what was it like to operate on his own wife?

The doctor added: “Perverse? Well, on the operating table with her face wrapped up she is just as anonymous as any other patient.

“There was a lot of interest in doing things better than nature did.”

All the surgeries have paid off handsomely for Cany. She is now a busty model.

Also, she is absolutely thrilled with her new image. She said: “When your husband is a plastic surgeon, then the scalpel is your friend.”

Dr Vossough, who operates on 1,200 patients a year at his Berlin clinic, said of his skills: “It’s almost like being God– you have the ability to change nature.

“When I first met Cany, she had physical deficiencies, but I could see there was something there.

“She had big hips and big thighs, so we made corrections, then did a little bit more.”

He went on to boast: “I was interested in working on her. It’s better than what nature could do.”

Despite all the surgeries, she had a fourth breast operation done without her husband’s knowledge.

He has not ruled out using the scalpel again on his wife’s body.

She will not be complaining either.

Dr Vossough said: “There maybe some more surgeries in the future, like a facelift, but not yet.” But he is wise enough to admit that he’s not perfect himself.

He said: “I inherited a big nose from my dad, so my business partner made me a new one. And I have had Botox too.”

Meanwhile, a survey by a British manufacturer Silent night Beds has revealed that men like their women curvy rather than bone-thin – not least because they’re better in bed.

The findings showed that 89 per cent of British men said they have better sex with curvy women than with size-zero models.

Respondents to the survey felt curvier partners were more considerate of their feelings, try harder to impress, are more “giving” and have “more to love” than their stick-thin rivals.

The same result turned up when the question was turned around: 68 per cent of women said that sex with stout men is more fun.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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