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Mon, Nov 16, 2009
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Parents, teach kids about sex

PARENTS should assume responsibility for educating their children about sex.

They should also inculcate the right values in their kids, which would help them make the right decisions.

Here are a few steps parents can take: Monitor their children’s online activities to ensure that they do not visit pornographic sites.

Teach their children about discipline and the responsible use of sex in marriage.

Educate their children about Aids and venereal diseases.

Mr Nelson Quah

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readers' comments
Agree, parents should do their part in teaching their children. Should set an good example. Nowsaday their are so many old men hanging around with china girl. I also notice that some parents are visiting the pornography website and allows their children to bring their friend home to sleep. If the adults are doing it, the kids will say, if the adults can do it, why can't we. more and more adults are breaking their marriage. They feel that they are right because they paid the prostitue in exchange for sex. If they are right, the police will not have raid and they would not have hide it from their parents, wife or children. its really contradicting. The govt. should not encourage safe sex and allow company to distribute and promote condom. Instead they should say "Don't not enjoy your sensure pleasure at the expense of your family's suffering. How .....
Posted by mindfulness06 on Fri, 27 Nov 2009 at 23:26 PM

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