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One-stop indulgence shop
by Karen Lim

What a woman really wants these days is a place where she can go to fix her hair, her nails, her face and perhaps indulge in a massage while she's being pampered by stylists and therapists.

The perfect answer is located right next to the CBD at Tras Street, Tanjong Pagar.

A visit to Purecolor Studio proved to be a time-saving experience for me.

Upon arriving at the studio, I was offered a beverage and ushered to a seat. Lucus Wang, the creative director of Purecolor Studio, then approached and asked what I wanted to do with my hair.

Having always sported short hair - from funky spikes to layered cuts - my hair was always a pain to maintain and I always had to visit the salon at least once a month.

I told this to Lucus, who then asked me about what I would normally wear, my style and also my hobbies. I found this to be a pretty interesting and unique way of finding out how I wanted my hair done.

Lucus also went into detail about how he would re-cut and re-style my hair so that it suits my overall image.

He then explained how I should grow my hair and the different possible styles I could sport. After deciding on a cut, I was then ushered to a station for a hair wash.

Using L'Oreal shampoo and treatment conditioners, the junior stylist massaged my head and explained the different types of treatments to me.

While I waited for Lucus to finish styling another customer's hair, instead of waiting at my seat, I got my nails painted by a nail artist at her counter which is located within the salon.

This was a bonus for me as I would never schedule two appointments back-to-back and saving time to me is essential.

The manicure session was quick and fuss-free, and I soon found myself back on the styling chair, with Lucus giving me final tips on the haircut.

After a quick cut and style, Lucus asked one of his staff to bring me on a mini "tour" of the studio, in which I realised there was a spa at the back of the salon!

The therapist went through the different spa packages with me and I even managed to get a glimpse of the Balinese-looking bath area.

The spa section was truly a hidden gem as it is situated behind closed doors and you would never have realised there was such a place if you first stepped into the salon.

This got me pretty excited and I was already mentally planning my next visit to Purecolor: hair, nails, massage and facial, all under one roof!


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