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Tue, Jan 12, 2010
The Sunday Times
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Tiger mum, born 1962

Lucy Sz, beautician, born in 1962 year of the Tiger

The marriage of Ms Lucy Sz, 47, and Mr Edwin Ong, 48, has withstood the test of time and defied Chinese superstition.

She says: 'I used to read the horoscopes in the newspapers and they wrote that relationships between people born in the year of the Ox and the year of the Tiger are not harmonious. That used to worry me.

'But this year, my husband and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary, so there is no truth in that.'

She has heard of many of such beliefs about Tiger girls, that those born at night were 'tigers on the prowl' and especially fierce.

She says that she was rather impatient and rash in her younger days, but has since mellowed.

'I used to squabble a lot, even with my four sisters, and things never ended on a good note,' she recalls.

'But in a marriage, what is most important is how both parties compromise and give in to each other from time to time,' says Ms Sz, who has two children aged 23 and 20.

'I no longer look at horoscopes nowadays,' she adds.

Mr Ong, who runs an inline skating school, recalls that his mother did express some concern about their marriage initially, and even consulted Taoist experts about what to do.

He says with a proud smile: 'But I guess you can say that we took a risk and time has been our judge.'

This article was first published in The Sunday Times.

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