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Fri, Dec 24, 2010
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SEX CRIME #6: You share every moment with him, even toilet visits

You’re not expected to be ladylike or a sex goddess around your husband all the time. In fact, you might even have forged a bond over mutual belching or farting.

After all, if you can’t be completely comfortable with your spouse, who else can you be yourself with?

However, exercising some discretion when it comes to personal hygiene habits like moving your bowels or plucking your underarm hair could help you and your partner maintain some personal space.

There is no definitive list of personal hygiene habits that you can or cannot do in front of your partner. It all depends on the couple’s preferences, says Daniel.

“Some couples find that removing this last layer of defence draws them closer, while others may consider it undesirable and a turn off,” he says.

Adds Dr Lee, “Engaging in personal hygience practices in front of your partner can also colour your partner’s view of you as a sexual being.”

According to Daniel, it’s best for couples to discuss what they are comfortable with and to respect each other’s privacy. Observing each other’s personal space displays maturity and helps preserve some mystique in a relationship.

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