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Sun, Nov 17, 2013
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5 facts about cervical cancer every woman needs to know

1. Anxiety and Depression

Survivors of cervical cancer suffer from more mood disorders and have been found to experience more anger, and confusion. Anxiety and depression were higher in patients with early stage cervical cancer or precancerous lesions than in healthy women. Women undergoing treatment for cervical cancer are more likely to lose hope in their fight against cancer.

2. Feeling Less Feminine

Women suffering from cervical cancer may have to undergo extensive medical treatments that can depress them. Those who value childbearing as an important expression of their femininity may as a result of cervical cancer, suffer from a lesser sense of being feminine after the removal of their reproductive organs resulting in their feeling incomplete as a woman.

3. Guilt and Loss of Fertility

Treatment for pre cancer lesions during pregnancy can result in premature birth, low birth weight, and a greater need for caesarean delivery. Some women who become infertile may feel increasingly guilty that their disease could have resulted from their past sexual behaviour.

4. Reduced Sexual Desire

Treatment for cervical cancer may result in reduced sexual desire, lack of arousal and orgasm, diminished lubrication and sensation, premature menopause, reduced vaginal elasticity, a shortened vaginal cavity, and vaginal atrophy which often inhibits a patient's ability to resume satisfactory sexual functioning.

5. Suffering from Chronic fatigue

About 30% of cervical cancer survivors have been reported to suffer from chronic fatigue after radiotherapy treatment that lowers their quality of life. This may make them more easily prone to anger and depression.

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