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Fri, Feb 12, 2010
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Most extravagant/ Cheapest Valentine Moments

Dining under the stars

It was a dinner like no other.

My boyfriend and I had secured a private dining area, away from the crowds and noise. On a Friday night!

It was a spontaneous thing actually – we were actually on our way to another popular restaurant and decided to switch plans at the last minute.

We had a sumptuous three-course meal and had plenty of sides too. Sausage bites, shark's fin soup, followed by dimsum, accompanied by fresh coconut juice.

Best of all, the al fresco setting had lots of greenery, was breezy and free of mosquitoes!

We spent the time talking, reviewing the food, and observing the stars dotting the clear night sky. At one point, we both smiled at each other, thinking that this dinner date was sure to make it to our book of weird moments.

Why burn your pocket having your romantic dinner at a famous restaurant, when you can have an equally unforgettable night picnic, with food bought from the nearby pasar malam, sitting at a roadside kerb?

Parking is even complimentary – as long as you stay by your car and make sure you don't get a hefty 'parking fee' by a traffic warden.

It was definitely one of our most memorable (and laughable) moments ever.

I wish I had taken a photo.

A couple dressed in work attire, munching on their pasar malam dinner while seated/squatting at the kerb would have been an interesting but odd sight...

Wu Wanni

Cooking for my wife

I celebrated our Valentine day when we got our first new flat (not moved in yet as we had yet to go through our traditional wedding ceremony) by cooking her candle light dinner similar to the one we had when we celebrate at the Ship Restaurant during our first Valentine's Day.

I also bought along a bottle of sparking juice and steak together with fresh veggies for dressing. This is the cheapest Valentine Dinner which we ever had as the whole meal was cooked and prepared by me although it's not as good as those prepared by Chef.

However, we enjoyed it and my wife really love it very much.

From then on, we start to celebrate our Valentine Day either by going pinic, camping or chalet while I continue to prepare the foods, either local dishes or western dishes.

Chong Gwee Siang Francis

Best celebration in 34 years

I had the cheapest but most romantic Valentine’s Day celebration when I was 18 years old. I remembered I was still studying and did not have much savings or allowances from my parents.

So on Valentine’s Day, I decided to celebrate with my boyfriend at home. I waited for my family members to leave the house before I brought out the surprises for my boyfriend.

I took out a small table, placed a cloth over it and decorated the table with 3 roses in a vase. I put the pork chops and fries which I bought from a coffee shop in nice white porcelain plates.

I then poured the sparkling juice (in place of champagne) which I bought from the supermarket in tall wine glasses.

I even played saxophone music in the background to create a high class restaurant atmosphere. Chocolate ice cream was served after the meal. After the dessert, my boyfriend invited me for a dance. The whole meal cost less than $20 but it’s the best Valentine’s Day celebration I ever had for the past 34 years!


The sincerity of every penny spent

Every penny is important to him.

As a student, he needs to save and scrimp, it seems. Even though he cannot pamper me with gifts and musical cards, I still love him with all my heart nonetheless.

While I did not expect much on our first Valentine’s Day celebration, we could still make it memorable, with our imagination!

However, I wanted to make it special for him.

He drove to my house and picked me up. And exclaimed with delight when he saw the pretty personalized mug. It was a photo we first took together; that made it special!

He started driving and refused to tell me where we were heading. So I pretended to kick a fuss but he still refused to tell me.

He wanted to give me a surprise but I couldn’t think of any. To be frank, he could be a boring guy.
At times, I could simply read his mind.

We passed by unfamiliar roads, pla ces I have never been.No signs of any hints could be seen.

I gave up and enjoyed the scenery while he gave me a secretive grin.

“Here we are," he declared as we turned to the right. It was then when I noticed the signs “Singapore Zoological Gardens” and “Night Safari”.

I stared at him and he seemed to know the million questions in my mind. I’ve told him that I wanted to visit the zoo, which he took it as a sign.

And since I’ve never been to the Night Safari, why not just pop by? But the most important question was where he had gotten the money?

Perhaps for others, they might not think it was expensive and might even find it funny. However, the money he spent on just that day could be his allowance for two months.

He refused to divulge the source, only telling me he had planned it since last month. I knew he hates to borrow from others yet he did so for me. Without spending a bomb (which might be for him), he had touched me deeply.

Love is not judged by the amount spent but by the sincerity of the other party. I might not have the biggest bouquet of roses or the most luxurious candlelight dinner, but I felt like the most blessed girlfriend on the day and more days to come!

Joan Teo

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